One Man Injured, One truck Burned In Isinya Morning Fiasco Between Two Men

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

A ‘little’ quarrel between two people at Isinya town in Kajiado moments ago blew up into a fully fledged war leaving several people injured and property destroyed.

It began at an agrovet shop in the centre of the town when a local disagreed with the owner of the shop over a price of an item when the two argued for a while.

Chaotic scenes in Isinya on Saturday morning after a suspect injured his customer with a machete and ran to police station.

Eye witness, Peter Leken, who was nearby says the owner of the shop who he only named as Hillary, took a machete from the counter and cut off the customer’s and hit him on the head.

When the customer called for help from passersby, Hillary is said to have dashed off and ran towards police station with his machete leaving his victim’s ear hanging.

As the local people tried to arrest him police on patrol in a car stopped and picked the suspect and took him to nearby police station.

After some thirty minutes, more than 100 Maasai morans descended into the town and demanded to be handed over the suspect so they could discipline him but police officers blocked them from accessing the station.

Meanwhile, more morans were arriving in hordes in the town and went direct to the shop of the suspect and burnt his truck that was full of hay. They also burnt down his shop into ashes.

Others went and burnt hay stocks placed on the road side along the Isinya/Kiserian route meant for sale as a way of punishing those working in league with the suspect who injured a local Maasai.

When police attempted to get out of the police station, morans repulsed them back. They claimed they would not let them come out before releasing the suspect to them.

In the CBD, panic gripped the entire town as other morans searched for the tribe of the suspect but all the shops had closed down.

Others went to the town’s slaughter house to smoke out members of a certain community (Kikuyu) they accused of disrespecting their people.

One hour later, armed police officers led by Isinya OCPD, Stephen Weda arrived at where the truck was burning but they could not save anything.

When we called Weda for comment; he said; “Give us time please” and cut our conversation.

Kajiado acting county commissioner David Kipkemei confirmed the duel between the local Maasai and “some business community” and added that the police had taken control of the town.

Area MCA, Joshua Olowuasa condemned the incident that took place in the morning but said the fight was not between the two communities.

“That was a difference between two individuals who should carry their own cross. Let the one who was injured report the matter to the police so the suspect can be charged in a court of law. Let the morans leave this matter to the two individuals only,” said Olowuasa on the phone from Nairobi.

As we filed this report, the police had not provided the number of the people injured during the morning fracas or the cost of damage incurred.

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