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Tobiko Speaks Out Against Clan Profiling Among Maa leaders

Cabinet secretary nominee, Keriako Tobiko, today broke his silence over section and clan profiling by elected Maa leaders across the country.

Tobiko, who is among several nominees for CS position in Presi

Former DPP Keriako Tobiko

dent Uhuru Kenyatta’s second cabinet, said for too long as Maasai leaders “we preoccupy ourselves with clan and age set issues that do not add value to our community”.

“If I am appointed CS, I will focus my leadership on unifying all our Maasai people Maa counties from Kajiado, Narok, Samburu to Laikipia rather than dividing  them. I will also unite the Maasai and other non-Maasai communities living in those counties,” said Tobiko in an exclusive interview.

The former director of public prosecution said his nomination is a win for both the Orok-Kiteng and the Odomong’i, adding that he comes from Illukumae/Illparsaj section of Kajiado Maasai.

He elaborated that because the Tobiko family is both Orok-Kiteng and Odomong’i as supported by the Illukumae and Illparsaj equation. Illukumae is same as Orok-Kiteng while Illparsaj is same as Odomong’i.

“The narrative that my nomination was a win for Orok-Kiteng is a fallacy because even the Odomong’i clansmen also won as I have explained,” said Tobiko.

The cabinet secretary nominee said unity among the people of all the Maa regions in the county should be both “horizontal and vertical”.

“By vertical, I mean the Maa people must be united with a purpose because we share almost similar pressing issues such as drought, education and health issues. As for horizontal, I mean that we do not live alone as Maasais but other communities are with us and we should embrace them,” said Tobiko.

He said if he gets appointed, “My leadership will focus on four issues that include; displaying mutual respect for our elected Maa leaders and offering constructive engagement with them on issues that affect us in common. There must be respect among the leaders to allow healthy consultations among the entire stakeholders in the leadership sector.”

Tobiko said he also expects to be consulted by other leaders so that they can move forward with a defined focus.

“If appointed cabinet minister, I will also strive to promote unity between the county and national governments because the constitution is clear in defining how the two operate,” said the former DPP.

Kenya, he said, is not a federal state and both the county and the national government have clear duties defined in the constitution.

He reiterated on the need to unite all the people of Kenya, adding that President Kenyatta cannot succeed in uniting the country if the leaders below him are segmented into disagreeing tribal cocoons.

“Let us strive to lead by providing solutions rather than criticizing what others are doing for the sake of it,” he said.

He also appealed to members of the Fourth Estate to contribute fairly in uniting the country other than supporting elements of division to succeed in fragmenting the country.

“You also have a duty to shape the leadership of this country by pointing out issues that do not support democratic rights of the citizens,” Tobiko finally said.




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