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Octogenarian Wants To Die In His Farm, Asks Courts To Fast-track Land Case

An 84 year-old Kajiado man, who officials of a group ranch conspired to sell his land in 2006, says he wants to die in his farm.

Mzee Merio Lempisai alias Oloriki, is a victim of land

Hassan Tajeo Marasua is grandson of Merio ole Lempisai.

fraudsters in Kajiado, who even went to the lengths of producing his death certificate in order to use for transferring his land documents.

A comprehensive report of the directorate of criminal investigation, in our possession, that was handed to the director of public prosecution reveals that top officials of Ilpartimalo group ranch conspired to defraud Lempisai of his 115 acres in 2006.

The report, which has was signed by Daniel Musangi and dated August 20, 2015, was received by the senior principal prosecution counsel, Renison Ingonga a day later.

Lempisai, who spoke through his grandson, Hassan Marasua in Kitengela on Friday, said he wants to die in his farm but the courts have refused to make a ruling on the case which some people accused him of illegally living on their land.

The police report indicates that four people; Sarinke ole Lempisai (a cousin of the complainant) on or before 2006, while in company of Lemomo Tengese (group ranch chairman), Tupet Murei (vice chair) and Pashile Shilalo (treasurer) conspired to sell the land to two other people.

Immediately Ingonga received the investigation report on how the elderly Lempisai was conned of his hard-won land property, he sought for the arrest of the four.

Before the four could be charged of forgery of documents and selling somebody else’s land, three of the suspects wrote a confession letter on January 25, 2016 saying they were lured into swearing affidavits that the land owner had died.

The confession letter was addressed to the directorate of criminal investigation and copied to chair of the defunct Kajiado land management board and director of public prosecution.

In the letter, which was signed by the three suspects, of which a copy is with us, Mure, Tengese and Shilalo claimed Sarinke produced a death certificate of the elderly Lempisai.

They also claimed they changed particulars in his land documents to indicate the man they had claimed was dead had no land in the group ranch.

Police also established that the four had claimed Lempisai is a foreigner from Tanzania so that he could be repatriated.

With all the evidenced adduced to courts by investigating officers, Lempisai remains constrained from going to his land by a Kajiado court.

The people who bought the land, Joseph Tanui and Anne Bett, went to court in 2015 and secured eviction orders for Lempisai from his land.

Lempisai is now claiming he is confused and not knowing what was happening at the land court in Kajiado, adding he wants the property returned to him.

The land was sold while he was working for a former Loitokitok councillor, Daniel Mayiani, who have also come out declare Lempisai is not a Tanzanian as claimed by the alleged fraudsters.



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