Ongata Rongai Under Siege As criminals Rob, Rape Victims

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Two families are traumatized in Ongata Rongai, Kajiado County, after gangsters raided Mage Road estates, raped two school girls and injured several people before fleeing with household goods.

The chilling incident occurred on December 6 and now it has emerged no arrest has been made de

Mrs Alice Ndungu was attacked by unknown peole while she was asleep at their home on 7th Avenue in Ongata Rongai on December 6.

spite assurance from police that they had leads leading to the nabbing of the suspects after the incident occurred.

Ongata Rongai OCPD, Silas Ringera, confirmed the incidences and said they were isolated cases of crime.

“Those are isolated cases of crime. For the whole year the residents of this town have not reported such crimes, we are working with various community groups to reign on the criminals who are infiltrating Ongata Rongai this festive season,” said Ringera.

Ringera said it was unfortunate that two young girls were raped before the eyes of their parents and family members.

He said several people were injured during the incident but added that he has increased surveillance in ‘black spot’ areas which the police have identified to be criminal infested.

“The situation is now calm, and I am appealing to residents of Ongata Rongai to report to security agencies all the cases of suspicious people so the police can act fast before lives are lost,” said Ringera.

He did not confirm or deny that police have arrested suspects linked to criminal activities which occurred on the night of December 6.

“What I can tell you is that we have made inroads in cracking them down. At least we are working on some leads and we are inching in on them,” said Ringera.

The gangsters, who the residents described as hard-core and ruthless criminals, broke in to houses using mallets and large metal scissor cutters.

Mage Road Estate, which is also referred to as  Kwa Kimani Road, witnessed what residents claimed have never been seen or heard in many years when on the night of December 6, several homes were attacked.

The first victim was Ndung’u Wabobo and his wife, who were attacked with a sharp knife by the thugs.

As if that was not enough, one of the gangsters raped their Form three daughter in full view of the parents and her siblings as other gang members stood vigil with their crude weapons.

After they were done, the gangsters robbed the family of cash and electronic equipment before moving to the next victims across the road.

The gangsters broke into the next house and looted it clean before returning to rape a Form two student as other gang members placed guns on her parents.

The two girls were treated Nairobi Women Hospital in Ongata Rongai and discharged.

In all the incidences, the victims claimed the gangsters used powerful torches to blind them as they did nasty things in their houses.

A member of Mage Road Neighbourhood Association, Eddy Gitau, said he is happy with the police work as the situation has now been put under control.

“We feel that the police are doing a great job in managing the crime in the area. They act very fast any time we alert them and this is what makes us have a trust in them. We strongly belief they can do better if they increase surveillance in crime-prone areas,” said Gitau on the phone.

Most of the people we interviewed in Ongata Rongai claimed the new gang that has infiltrated the town’s estates is targeting wines and spirits outlets and salons to get equipment.

Three houses in a flat on 7th Avenue were looted and all the property swept clean by the thugs.

Neighbourhood associations are now appealing to their members to secure their doors with security padlocks and increase estate vigilante groups and patrols.

“Let us also report any suspicious characters immediately in this forum, and raise alarm on attacks where possible,” said a WhatsApp message sent to members of a neighbourhood association in our possession.

“Dear friends and fellow community members, it is now apparent that every time we approach the months of November, December and January, residents face a lot of security challenges,” said another message.

In order to mitigate those insecurity challenges, some estate members have suggested that any undeveloped land with grown bushes should be cleared.

They have also suggested that unoccupied houses in the estates must remain locked at all times to avoid thugs sneaking into them to strategise on attacks in residential areas.

New tenants in the estates will now face some kind of vetting in a bid to understand who they are and why they have chosen to move to the area.

One resident, who chose to remain anonymous for security reasons, said he has information the gang that is terrorizing Ongata Rongai is from Kayole in Nairobi’s Eastlands area.

“They have been reported to have attacked homes along Maasai Lodge Road before one was captured in the act by residents and lynched,” said the resident.

He says one suspect was captured and instead of the residents handing him over to the police, they lit fire and burned him alive until he was confirmed dead and the matter was relayed to security agencies.




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