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Drive Off Your Elephants To Parks Or Face The Music – Lenku Warns KWS

Kajiado gover

County Commissioner David Kipkemei was with Governor Joseph Lenku in Imbuko location on January 17.

nor Joseph Lenku on Wednesday issued fresh warning to Kenya Wildlife Service to rid off elephants from Maasai farms.

“I am giving the two days from today to drive their elephants from our farms and failure to which my people will defend their selves against the Jumbos that have left a trail of destructions wherever they have passed,” said Lenku.

Lenku, who was accompanied by Kajiado acting county commissioner, David Kipkemei and Mashuuru deputy county commissioner, Stephen Nyakundi, said KWS has no option if they want to keep their elephants but to drive them in to the parks.

The trio addressed armed Maasai morans in Imbuko Location of Mashuuru Sub County on landing from a KWS chopper.

The morans, who killed two jumbos from Amboseli national parks in Imbuko Location last Saturday, had warned KWS against leaving the elephants to stray into their farms.

Their leader, Peter Lesalaon, said their children are no longer going to schools because the elephants have strayed all over the area from Amboseli and Chulu hills areas.

Imbuko location lies along wildlife corridor where animals migrate through from Amboseli to Tsavo national park every year during this period of time.

The morans had claimed they killed seven Jumbos that had strayed in to their farms on Saturday but the Kajiado county warden Dickson Korir dispelled the claims.

 Korir, who spoke to the Star on Saturday, said the claims were untrue and put the number of the dead elephants at two.

“We have are investigating the cause of death for the two jumbos that were found in Imbuko location on Saturday morning. It is too early to apportion blame to anyone but it has to wait until we establish the cause of death,” said Korir.

 The warden confirmed the eastern part of the county have recently seen invasion of jumbos from Amboseli national park in to private farms where they destroy property and trees.

 “This ongoing drought situation has forced wild animals out of the parks and they are now moving in hordes to private farms in search of water and grazing,” said Korir.

 While speaking from Mombasa on Saturday, Lenku told KWS to fence their parks in order to reduce conflicts between wildlife and the local people.

He attacked KWS which he accused of fueling human/wildlife conflict in Kajiado.

 “So far 37 people have been killed in the last one year, while many more have been maimed by these animals that stray into people’s farms and yet KWS has given affected families a deaf ear on compensation,” said Lenku on Saturday.

That was not the first time Lenku was attacking the wildlife agency after he accused rangers late last year of denying herders to graze their stocks in the parks.

His argument then was that the local people have continued to host zebras and other herbivorous in their farms without raising issues.




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