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Kenya’s Kitu Kidogo of ‘bakshishi’ will kill this country

For the last 50 years we adopted an economic system that is largely exclusive and prohibitive to the common man. We give so much individually but gain so little from our efforts.
The trickle-down theory where money trickles down from the top to mwanainchi is no longer fashionable neither is it sustainable.
Every five years we go to the ballot seeking to elect those who will oversee the management of the little resources available.
Many a times this leads to civil strife as we haggle over who is who.
One of our biggest challenges today is the state of our economy. It generates all other societal challenges which are social and political in nature.
If we address the economic challenge we shall have resolved many of the other issues.
We have a patented marketing based economic innovation that will create a new economic sector which will revolutionalize Kenya and the world at large.
The innovation seeks to empower the consumer by adding value to every purchase made through a reward mechanism dubbed bakshishi – a first of its kind across the globe.
The marketing-based economic innovation will help raise billions of shillings every year without further burdening the taxpayer through raising of taxes, and neither shall we have to borrow internally nor externally in order to fill in the budget deficit.
In other words, we shall be able to raise enough money to fund our own development at the same time empower mwanaichi through a brilliant reward mechanism.
The funds pooled from this innovation will then be directed towards the creation of new state-owned industries and revival of collapsed ones such as Rivatex, Kicomi, Kenya Meat Commission etc.
This and other such economic innovations will help Kenya leap forward as a global partner in the world’s economy.
Kitengela town is expanding by day.



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