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Lenku Claims 37 People Killed By Wild Animals In Kajiado Have Not Been Compensated

For the umpteenth time, governor Joseph Lenku, has attacked Kenya Wildlife Service that he accused of fueling human/wildlife conflict in Kajiado.

Lenku, who spoke in Mombasa on Saturday after two days of Kajiad

Kajiado county leadership team at Baobab Hotel in Mombasa on Saturday led by governor Joseph Lenku during a press conference on January 13.

o leadership conference, claimed KWS has continued to harass herders around national parks and by refusing to compensate for those maimed and killed by wild animals.

“So far 37 people have been killed in the last one year, while many more have been maimed by these animals that stray into people’s farms and yet KWS has given affected families a deaf ear on compensation,” said Lenku.

This is not the first time Lenku is attacking the wildlife agency after he accused rangers late last year of denying herders to graze their stocks in the parks.

His argument then was that the local people have continued to host zebras and other herbivorous in their farms without raising issues.

He was reacting after several herders and their livestock around Chulu Hills and Amboseli had been detained by KWS rangers for trespass.

During the press conference in Mombasa, which was attended by MPS, MCAs and county executive committee members, Lenku argued that the Wildlife Act 2013 stipulates that anybody killed or maimed by wild animals must be compensated.

He said the Act governs the relationship between wild animals and people living around the parks, adding that KWS has continued not to implement the law.

“Since the law came into force in 2013, the 5 per cent revenue sharing remittance to the county government has not been received yet. What are they taking us for?” asked the governor.

The governor spoke as Maasai morans in Imbuko killed two elephants that strayed into their farms on Saturday morning.

Kajiado KWS warden Dickson Korir confirmed that two elephants were found dead in Imbuko location in Mashuuru sub county but he was yet to establish cause of death.

The morans from Imbuko posted a message on social media that they are responsible for the deaths, adding that they will go for more until KWS drives the menacing jumbos out of their farms.

Korir did not respond to Lenku’s remarks on KWS.

During the Mombasa conference, Lenku formed three working groups that will brainstorm on key development issues and challenges.

The issues are: Water/food security and education; physical planning/urbanization and infrastructure, healthcare, human/wildlife conflict and conservation.




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