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Milimani ‘B’ Estate Members Fault NEMA, Public Health For Innaction

Residents of Milimani ‘B’ Estate in Kitengela are up in arms after one owner of an apartment released raw sewage water on a road in the estate on Saturday.

The residents led by their estate chairperson, Amartha Mbetera, demonstrated yesterday to protest the action by their neighbour.

Mbetera told journalists on Saturday she had summoned the owner of the apartment severally to appear before the estate committee to explain his actions but won’t come.

She said her estate committee had earlier written a complaint letter to NEMA and the local public health office but no action has come forth.

“Today we decided to involve the media because it looks like there unt

Raw Sewer water in Milimani ‘B’ Estae in Kitengela town on Saturday January 13.

ouchable people here. The owner of this apartment is putting our children at risk. We want action taken against him,” said Mbetera.

The apartment is managed by one, a Mr. Ndungu, who threatened journalists that he would “stern action” against them if they take pictures of the building.

“Stop taking pictures here. We have seen many journalists before,” said Ndungu.

The estate committee had sought to meet with Ndungu over the sewage issues but when he saw journalists, he declined to be part of the meeting.

It took the intervention of the chairlady to convince Ndungu to address the issue.

The man later agreed to take members of the estate in to the apartment, but without the media.

After several minutes, they all came out in agreement that the practice is going to stop.

The residents had earlier claimed the water being released from the estate was emitting foul smell in the evening but Ndungu explained the water was only coming from bathrooms and kitchen in the apartment.




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