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Sanity Creeps Back To Kipeto After Two Days Of Skirmishes Over Pasture

Normalcy has creep back to Kipeto in Makueni after two days of tussle between the local community and herders from Kajiado Central sub county.

Mashuuru deputy county commissioner, Stephen Nkakundi, who represented Kajiado in a peace meeting that took place in Konza area of Kipeto on Wednesday said normalcy has returned.

“We left the area on Wednesday after we made sure the Kajiado and Makueni communities have shelved their differences, but with a warning that those coming from a neighbouring county with livestock should respect their host,” said Nyakundi on the phone yesterday.

Nyakundi noted that Makueni residents have no quarrel with herders from Kajiado East constituency and the scuffle that erupted on Tuesday and Wednesday morning was sparked off by Kajiado Central and Kajiado West Maasai herders, who had released their herds on private farms without consent from the owners.

The local community, led by their Kiima Kiu-Kalanzoni MCA, ganged up on Tuesday evening to damage structures constructed by Maasai herders with a bid to evict them from Kipiti.

The land in Kipiti is owned and managed by International Livestock Research Institute for the last three decades.

It emerged yesterday that the herders from Kajiado Central and Kajiado West sub counties had been given notice by the county government to leave the area in 14 days that expired on Tuesday.

The reasons they were told to leave is alleged that they had caused environmental degradation by not burying their dead livestock and grazing in private farms without consent of the owners.

Makueni county executive member for livestock is also said to have argued that some of the livestock from Kajiado had not been vaccinated.

In the melee, one person is said to have suffered facial injuries.

The Kipeto land belonging to ILRI is also hosting local livestock and those from Kajiado East sub county for a fee.

Kajiado East sub county Maasai livestock grazing on land near Konza



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