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High tension in Konza as local community chase away Kajiado herders

Tension remained high yesterday on the border of Kajiado and Makueni counties in Konza as residents clashed over grazing land.

The disputed land on Kapiti Plains in Makueni is owned by International Livestock Research Institute.

Mashuuru deputy county commissioner Stephen Nyakundi yesterday said Kiima Kiu-Kalanzoni MCA destroyed temporary structures belonging to Maasai herders from Kajiado on Tuesday evening.

Nyakundi, who spoke to the Star on the phone, said the Kamba community and the MCA held a meeting  14 days ago and blamed the herders for environmental degradation and pollution. The Makueni Livestock executive also attended the meeting, he said.

They accused the herders of failing to bury the carcasses of dead animals. They are left of grazing land.

Nyakundi said the meeting did not involve officials from the county administration.

“They discussed several issues. They claim herders graze their livestock in people’s farms at night after destroying their fences,” Nyakundi said.

The meeting also discussed the failure by the herders to disclose the number of livestock they intend to graze on ILRI farm.

“A herder can say he has 400 cows, which he wants to graze for one month. We charge him according to the number of cows.

“However, at night he calls the whole of Kajiado. In the morning, we find about 10,000 cows grazing on the farm,” Michael Mutua, a resident of Malili, said on Tuesday.

Residents said the problem with their neighbours from Kajiado is they have no regard for their crops.

“They graze their livestock on our farms. When we complain they charge at us,” Mary Mutu, a resident of Konza, said.

Nyakundi dismissed claims that there was a fight between the two communities on Tuesday. However, he said their is tension over destruction of Maasai structures.

ILRI allows Kajiado herders to put up temporary structures for those who pay to graze their livestock for more than one month.

By the time of going to press, Nyakundi, Mukaa OCPD Charles Muthui and the MCA were expected to meet with the two communities to iron out their differences.

Nyakundi said the herders from Mashuuru have no problem with Makueni residents over grazing in their land.

Photo: Kajiado West herders migrate to Mashuuru in a past drought season



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