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Kajiado Nasa fails to stage IEBC demos as supporters kept off streets

Kajiado Central sub-county chiefs on October 2.
Kajiado Central sub-county chiefs on October 2.

Nasa proponents in Kajiado town on Monday failed to stage demos against IEBC after chiefs in the county told their subjects to stay away.

A few opposition sympathizers numbering about 20 camped at a resort club in Kajiado town for close to seven hours as they waited for Kajiado Central MP, Elijah Memusi and nominated senator, Judy Pareno, to go and address them.

Later in the evening the two politicians arrived and addressed journalists to explain why they failed to show solidarity with their counterparts across the country.

Memusi said there was no plans for demos in Kajiado on Monday and urged their supporters to turn up in large numbers on Friday.

“There will be a mother of all demos in Kajiado on Friday and the police should keep off the streets because we want to send a message to IEBC that without reforms there will be no elections,” said Memusi.

Pareno said Nasa is unstoppable until all those named in the alleged IEBC scum have been arrested and charged in court.

As the two politicians were meeting at Empeut Resort Club, more than 80 Kajiado chiefs were completing a two-hour deliberation where they vowed to defend their county commissioner, Harsama Kello against alleged attacks from MP Memusi.

They were led by senior chiefs Joshua Kaaka and chief Lawrence Kobaai, who read a written statement which dismissed Memusi’s remarks as “unfounded.”

Kobaai, in the statement he read, said claims attributed to Memusi in the sections of the media that Kello, is threatening chiefs with dismissal if they do not campaign for President Kenyatta are false.

“The allegations are malicious and political. The MP cannot be trusted for claiming that Kello has hatched a scheme to assassinate him. Those are total lies,” the chiefs said.

The chiefs were reacting to media reports quoting Memusi claiming his life is in danger, and is accusing Kello of hatching a plan to assassinate him.

Memusi on Thursday last week recorded a statement at the police in parliament buildings to the effect the county commissioner was after his life.

Soon after Memusi recorded a statement with the police in Nairobi, Kajiado governor Joseph ole Lenku defended Kello of wrong-doing.

Lenku accused the lawmaker of “subverting national government activities in the county. He told off Memusi for calling for Kello’s transfer.

The chiefs in Kajiado said they know their constitutional rights and the MP is not adding any value to their understanding of the laws that govern them in office.

“We are perturbed that the MP wants to use our names for political mileage and sympathy after he was shocked by mass defection of Nasa leaders to Jubilee,” said Kobaai.

Kaaka said the county commissioner has never threatened any chief and that all the provincial officials hold non-partisan offices.

“Kello is a team player and has united Kajiado because of his wisdom and skills. He has a right to own property anywhere in the country and the MP should stop attacking him, because that is being petty,” said Kaaka.

Memusi had claimed earlier the commissioner has grabbed land property in many group ranches, and should be made to account for them.

Kello in his response had claimed he bought the only land plot he owns in Kimana area of Kajiado South using borrowed money.

Before the death of the late Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery, Memusi had also claimed the minister was plotting to assassinate him.

Nkaissery did not respond to Memusi’s claims after elders intervened and the matter was shelved.



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