Commissioner Kello breathes fire after MP Memusi “rattles bees” on his face

MP Elijah Memusi on July 17 outside Kajiado CDF offices where he spoke on Monday.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Kajiado Central MP Elijah Memusi today made bitter exchanges with county commissioner Harsama Kello and accused the latter of “land grabbing”.

Memusi also claimed Kello is an agent of Jubilee “planted” by President Uhuru Kenyatta in the county so he can rig him votes in the forthcoming repeat presidential election.

“We have information that this commissioner has been travelling allover in the region and forcing chiefs to campaign for Uhuru against the constitution,” claimed Memusi.

But while replying to Memusi’s claims, Kello he is not surprised by the MP’s allegations because he was expecting them after he (Kello) refused to employ his brother as a chief.

“Tell him to take his stresses elsewhere because I cannot stoop too low with people who have stopped growing up. He has been chasing me all over this Kajiado wanting me to employ his keen and I told him he does not deserve,” claimed Kello.

When asked to respond to claims he is intimidating chiefs to vote for Kenyatta, Kello claimed Maimai ran out of ideas the moment ODM politicians trooped to Jubilee, and “he now wants to hang on my coat.”

“Let him go to the top of the tallest building on the land and scream out his claims. I am an administrator and my duty is clearly indicated in the constitution. In fact I am making a mistake to answer him,” said Kello.

Memusi spoke outside Kajiado CDF offices, while Kello spoke on the phone to the Star.

The MP had warned Kello that if Nasa wins the presidential election, he will be the first to be shown the door before being taken to court on allegations of land grabbing in Kajiado.

Kello told him he will never even attempt to work with Nasa if they win the election, and added that he has no land in Esilalei and Mailwa group ranches as claimed by Memusi but has two acres of land he bought in Loitokitok where he has built a hotel.

“I earlier claimed this man has lost direction and he is becoming petty. I bought the property in Kimana near Loitokitok through a bank loan and done everything on borrowed money,” he emphasized.

The MP had claimed Kello was posted in Kajiado county 10 years ago and wondered whether the county commissioner had “married” the county.

But Kello wondered what is “eating” the MP because he has not even stolen his donkeys “if he has any”.

Kajiado County Commissioner - Harsama Kello on this December 12 photo.
Kajiado County Commissioner – Harsama Kello on this December 12 photo.

He claimed he has every right under the constitution to defend himself and say what is feels is right, adding that Nasa can keep their job if that will deter him from supporting Jubilee administration.

“I have a slot of 45 chiefs and assistant chiefs. This is the cause of Memusi’s attack on my person and I am telling him he will not get even a single slot. He can go where he wishes,” added Kello.

The politician declared that he has begun a war with Kello which will not end soon.

“He is displaying impunity of the highest order and I will ensure a sustained confrontation with him,” said Memusi.

But Kello told him his efforts will end up nowhere because Jubilee will be there after October 26.

“In fact soon he will be a political orphan because the Nasa he is yapping about is headed to political oblivion. All his friends have moved to Jubilee in Kajiado and he now wants to hang on my coat,” Kello said finally.

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