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Thousands of people and livestock in verge of starvation in Kajiado – Lenku

Second assembly - Joseph Lenku
Second assembly - Joseph Lenku

Some 130, 000 households in Kajiado are in verge of starvation in Kajiado and require immediate intervention, governor Joseph ole Lenku claimed yesterday.

Lenku also said more than 600, 000 cattle are at risk of starvation and require urgent support in terms of cattle feed and water.

On average, one household has 7 people in Kajiado county and using that equation, some 900, 000 people require urgent relief food in the region.

“My office was appraised on the new findings of rapid food security assessment conducted mid last month and we are taking needed actions with stakeholders. The situation is catastrophic and if no measure is taken we shall start counting number of human and livestock deaths,” Lenku warned.

The governor made the remarks while opening the second county assembly of Kajiado.

He said food security situation in the county has typically deteriorated and the situation is currently at an alarming phase, and the trend is worsening as reported by the national drought management authority.

“Due to worse than normal rangeland conditions, livestock productivity and household incomes in Kajiado Central, East, South and West Sub-counties have rapidly declined. Poor and vulnerable households are facing acute food and nutrition insecurity. Lives and livelihoods in areas such as Mailwa, Lenkisim, Poka, Imbirrikani, Purko, Maparasha, Shompole, Mosiro, Dalalekutuk, Mile 46, Meto, Ildamat, Kitengela West and settlements surrounding Isinya are experiencing severe drought situation,” said Lenku.

In response to the current situation, the governor said, the county government has allocated Sh100 million towards the emergency fund kitty.
The governor said the national drought management authority in Kajiado in discussion with the county steering group has offered to provide 9, 000 bags of drought meal, fuel subsidy for 12 strategic boreholes and facilitation for livestock vaccination and treatment.

“We are in the process of implementing such interventions as; provision of at least 10,000 bales of hay for livestock in the worst affected areas, provision of fuel Subsidy for schools affected by the drought and strategic boreholes and water tankering for livestock that have migrated to Kyulu hills and its surrounding,” said the governor.

To provide quality governance to the citizens of Kajiado, Lenku said he I intends to strengthen the office of the governor by incorporating 5 technical advisors to support the delivery of the 3 development pillars and 6 flagship projects outlined in his manifesto in line with the vision 2030.

Towards realization of a conducive working environment for the MCAs, Lenku said, the construction of the new-look Sh600 million county chambers has kicked off.

The proposed Kajiado county government headquarters complex, Lenku said, is estimated to cost between Sh900 million andShs1 billion.
“This is a once and for all time investment that shall serve successive county governments. To finance this project, the county government can either go into a public private partnership to complete it in 1 year or implement a 3 years rolling financing project with about Sh300 million approved for the project each year”, he said.

In the 2017/2018 fiscal year, Sh100 million was allocated to start off the project.

“Today’s information age requires every organization to deploy cutting edge technologies to realize efficiency and effectiveness. Our public organizations and institutions cannot be left behind. My administration shall deploy professional and appropriate e-government systems and platforms for each department,” said Lenku.



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