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Conman Uses County Commissioner to Fleece Kajiado Youth Out of Cash

Harsama Kello
Harsama Kello

Police in Isinya have launched a manhunt on a suspect who conned unsuspecting job seekers thousands of shillings.

The man, who police gave his name as Paul Ayoki of mobile number 0716487213, is said to have called Isinya deputy county commissioner David Kipkemei on Wednesday and shared with him a proposal.

Kipkemei, on Thursday night, admitted having communicated with Ayoki over a “deal”. He identified himself to the DCC as head of data at USAID.

Ayoki is alleged to have told the DCC that his NGO is collaborating with the Kenya government to train youth across the country on IT and data management and that those who will be picked will undergo a two-week training.

He told the DCC the youth would be paid Sh2, 000 per day for the time they will be in training. This meant that each individual would earn a total ofSh18, 000 at the end of the course.

Kipkemei, on hearing about the sweet deal, he called his assistant county commissioner (I), and communicated the same to him.

He told his junior to call all the 19 sub-chiefs in Kajiado East Constituency to avail two youth, a boy and a girl, each and send their details to Ayoki.

All the sub-chiefs who were contacted provided the required details to Ayoki, who in turn called the youth, personally, demanded that they each pay Sh1, 200 for the training.

The victims sent the requested money to Ayoki’s Mpesa account and later vanished for good.
A message, we obtained from one of the victims, Mohamed Gabor, conned of the money, and that was sent to him by Ayoki said in part; “In reference to names sent to us from your ward, make sure you are available on phone tomorrow 7am for briefing. Is that clear? Head of Data, USAID.”

The youth are now up in arms that government officials were used as conduits to fleece them of their parents’ money.

Kipkemei admitted that he was conned but made no more comment on the same.

County Commissioner, Harsama Kello, described the incident as unfortunate adding that the matter will be investigated to the bottom.

“Publish that story so it can help others from further falling victims of such characters,” said Kello.
Most of the youth conned are sons of the sub-chiefs and are bitter of what befell them.



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