Lenku to Raila: “Stop polarizing country over presidential election date”

Kajiado governor Joseph Ole Lenku and NYS director-general Richard Ndubai
Kajiado governor Joseph Ole Lenku and NYS director-general Richard Ndubai

Governor Joseph Lenku has called on the opposition to give Kenya the peace it desires by accepting to participate in the repeat presidential election.

Lenku, who made the remarks in Kitengela on Monday, said opposition chiefs are causing unnecessary anxiety by taking the country hostage on their “unpalatable” demands.

“The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission have set a date for repeat presidential election as ordered by the highest court, and here Raila Odinga is taking us in endless circles,” claimed Lenku.

He said President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto accepted high court ruling regarding how the last election was bungled by agreeing to a repeat presidential poll.

“It beats logic for Raila to turn around and claim that election will be conducted according to his rules and even demanding replacement of some IEBC officials,” he said.

Lenku said the country is polarized so much to the effect that it is damaging the economy, adding that foreign and local investors are not comfortable with the prevailing uncertainty associated with presidential election.

The remarks by Raila that there will be no elections on October17 as set out by IEBC, Lenku said should not be taken lightly.

The Kajiado governor said if no elections are held the country will experience a hiatus in the political and constitutional order.

“The collapse of the constitutional order will herald other unprecedented problems,” claimed Lenku.

He said; “Without fear of contradiction, Jubilee is set for the presidential election whether Raila and his people will like or not. This is not a banana republic. We have laws guiding us, and as it is Kenyatta is still the president. There is no vacuum.”

Lenku, who appeared he was irritated by Raila’s remarks to the effect that the repeat elections will be conducted according to his rules, said Kenya is greater than individuals and the President should uphold the construction, and protect it.

The governor was speaking after meeting National Youth Service senior directors in Kitengela led by Director-General Richard Ndubai.

The team was in the county to sign a waste-management collaboration accord with the regional government.

Lenku said he is happy that a regime that had put a wedge between the various communities in Kajiado was sent home by voters leading to his election.

“I am happy that I am leading a united people of Kajiado. I will not be looking at you in terms of clans, tribes or colour but the bonafide residents of this region. Whether you are here by birth or otherwise, you have a right to do what you are doing here,” said Lenku.

President Kenyatta, he said, obtained 60 per cent of the presidential votes in Kajiado and assured a higher percentage on October 17.




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