Maimai Jumps NASA Ship, Joins Uhuru’s Jubilee Bandwagon

Politician Kakuta Maimai speaking to his electorates in Empatipat, Korrompoi area recently.
Politician Kakuta Maimai speaking to his electorates in Empatipat, Korrompoi area recently.

Politician Kakuta Maimai has bowed out of NASA in a surprise move after accusing the alliance of alleged “nepotism and favourism”.

Instead Maimai, who spoke on Saturday in Kenyewa/Poka Ward before Jubilee Party leaders led by governor Joseph Lenku, said he will campaign for the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta on October 17.

“I have made a personal decision to do away with the Orange Democratic Movement party and Nasa because the alliance is full of nepotism and favourism,” claimed Maimai.

Maimai claimed he has been supporting Raila Odinga in his entire political life but it has now downed in him that I he has been supporting a person vested interest and not ODM family.

He also said he will use his own means to “overturn” a petition case filed by former governor David Nkedianye against the election of Lenku.

“That case should not have been there in the first place. Lenku won squarely against Nkedianye and I am telling the people of Kajiado to reject NASA in totality and work closely with the new governor,” said Maimai.

While elaborating how Raila and his NASA outfit lost in Kajiado, Maimai said the party leadership had its favoured candidates who were financially supported in favour of others.

The politician, who contested for a parliamentary seat in Kajiado East, lost to Peris Tobiko in a tough contest.

Speaking during the same function, Lenku said he will work closely with everybody in the county regardless of those who voted for him or not.

“The election campaigns, except for president are behind us. As your governor I want to unite the people of this region through a healing process. Those who lost the elections are not happy with the winners and those are the people we should console and work together,” said Lenku.

Lenku spoke after officially commissioning rehabilitation of Simba Primary School borehole and touring Esokota springs in Masimba town of Kajiado East.

He said the water source is in the program of being rehabilitated so as to serve a wider area in Masimba.

“People are in dire need of water and I pledged to the people of this area during my election campaigns that I will attempt to bring the commodity closer to them,” said Lenku.

The governor was accompanied by local elected MCAs led by Henry Kimiti and county CECs.







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