Politics: The last straw that broke the camel’s back in Kajiado’s governor race

Former governor David Nkedianye at Kajiado high court on Thursday.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Today we reveal ODM’s intrigues precipitated by chest-thumbing, nagging and mistrust between the county bigwigs before and after party primaries.

Basking on the powers and authority bestowed upon him by Nasa chief principal, Raila Odinga, former governor David Nkedianye could not trust his own foot soldiers.

People like Daniel Osoi; it is claimed, operated without a cash vote in Nasa campaigns even after Raila had instructed Nkedianye to use his “good” office to fund party activities in the county.

Osoi, the man who stood by Raila in ODM for many years, has had links with the opposition chief in political circles more than Nkedianye.

He is vividly remembered for single-handedly pushing for Kajiado Central MP, Memusi Kanchory’s election during a by election after the late Joseph Nkaissery was poached from the opposition to serve in Jubilee.

It is Osoi who single-handedly picked Kanchory, after the latter was bundled out of The National Alliance nomination prior to that by-election in Kajiado Central.

When we reached out to Osoi on phone to clarify some of the issues regarding the management of Nasa’s campaign, he declined to comment saying he would not wish to.

“I did my part and delivered 13 Nasa seats for MCAs more than the 3 we had in 2013. I do not know anything about finances because I only used my personal money,” said Osoi and switched off his phone.

The Kajiado County ODM chairman took Kanchory to Raila’s home one night before the Kajiado Central by-election at 3.20am and handed him over to be “blessed” to be the party’s flag bearer in that election.

And sure indeed, Kanchory beat TNA’s Patrick Tutui hands down and to the seat that had been left by the late Nkaissery.

Around the same time, John Ketora and Innocent Katoo, who were also close to Raila had another candidate, Paul Kaika, in their minds.

Ketorah and Katoo, according to our inside source in the orange party, had told Raila that Nkaissery who had come from the RED COW family of the Kajiado Maasai had lost confident of the people of Central constituency and that someone from the BLACK COW family should be groomed.

Osoi was of the different opinion and it is said that was the reason he took Kanchory, who is also from the red cow to Raila in the dead of the night.

It is further claimed that Osoi undercut Katoo and Ketorah from fronting Kaika (black cow) and recommending him to Raila.

That is the same reasons Kanchory beat Kaika in the party nominations ahead of the Kajiado Central by-election.

Fast forward. Soon after the Nasa nominations in Kajiado ahead of the just concluded elections, the opposition party started showing cracks of a disintegrating political outfit.

Candidates for various political positions in ODM and Wiper parties, which are Nasa affiliates started “witch-hunting” each other.

Nkedianye, who was expected to stand firm and give direction to the candidates under Nasa, sat put and “enjoyed” blood-letting hate speeches flying in the air.

It played out very well in Kitengela during this year’s Madaraka Day when candidates from Wiper party were booed down by ODM supporters as Nkedianye watched the unfolding unfettered.

Simayiai Rakita and Jason Parantai of Wiper had their speeches cut by dissenting voices from the crowd and when Nkedianye stood to speak, he never uttered any word of consolation to the politicians who had been booed down by his followers.

Many of those in Nasa say Nkedianye kept his cool on the understanding and belief that he will get the votes from Wiper and ODM because he was vying on Nasa platform.

After realizing that all was not well, he made a last minute rush to make amends with wiper candidates when the mess had already spoiled froth.

Nkedianye, it is said trusted nobody in his side of the political divide and entirely depended on his PA, Jackson Sinkeet and political advisor, Joel Leshau.

Leshau and Sinkeet controlled Nkedianye’s finances and gave their boss a final word on what was happening politically.

The two could not see their boss’s mess or hear anything that would spoil his reputation. They stood between their boss and his supporters.

Nkedianye’s star had started rising prior to the last election. He attended Raila’s rallies across the region and started counting chicks before they were hatched.

So what really happened to his Kajiado South votes that he had seen coming?

Insiders and those privy to Nkedianye’s happenings in his kitchen cabinet revealed that, a section of Kikuyu businessmen and women in Loitokitok had raised Sh5 million to boost his campaigns.

“The money was handed to former governor Nkedianye in my presence in Loitokitok. The Kikuyu community had told him they will vote for him. We left Loitokitok knowing that all was well,” said our source in ODM.

The source, who is still supporting the governor, further said; “Two weeks to that election, the leader of the Kikuyu business community received a call from State House. That single call is the straw that broke the camel’s back. All of them turned their backs against us.”

Despite his elaborate campaign team, many of the people who accompanied Nkedianye in rallies around the county used their own money to fuel their vehicles.

After the results were released following the election where governor Joseph ole Lenku was named winner, Nkedianye held a meeting with his lieutenants at his Kitengela home and “swore” he will not petition the results.

This was after those close to him demanded that he goes to court.

“Owing to the cost of the petition, I want to make it clear that I am not going to the courts,” said Nkedianye.

It is said that he overruled all those who had called for a petition.

Later on, Nkedianye called all the media houses operating in Kajiado to announce that he had a “truck-full” of documental evidence to support his case against Lenku.

He also denied he never congratulated Lenku on beating him in the last elections.

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