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Kajiado MCAs elect undergo through induction

Forty one elect Kajiado MCAs were today taken through induction process and will be sworn in to office on Wednesday.

The process was conducted by county assembly clerk Daniel Konyango, who said 15 women MCAs were this election year were nominated by various political parties.

No single woman was elected in the just-concluded general elections in Kajiado. In the last county assembly, there were 14 women, said Konyango.

Konyango told the elected MCAs they have immense powers of passing the requisite laws in the assembly.

About 90 per cent of the MCAs who were elected in the last elections are new comers in politics and are more qualified academically than their previous ones, according to their CVs they presented to the clerk on Monday.

House businesses are conducted in two languages; English and Swahili. Some of the MCAs who served in the last assembly had not seen the inside of a classroom and their term ended before doing their Kenya Certificate of Primary Examination at the Isinya Multipurpose Training Centre where adult learners sit for their regular exams.

The clerk said the swearing in of the MCAs on Wednesday is the first business of the house before the members elect a new speaker.

Already, the majority Jubilee Party side has proposed the re-election of incumbent speaker, Johnson Osoi, whose term ends two hours before the election of the new office bearer.

Osoi will be facing aviation manager and consultant, Benjamin Ole Tipatet, whose has been sponsored by the Orange Democratic Movement party.

Another JP contender, Daniel Kanchory, opted out of the race after he learned that the ruling party had settled on Osoi.

Kanchory protested the move by JP and accused certain politicians of “hidden agenda” in the matters of the county assembly.



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