Governor Lenku expands his cabinet by creating three more county ministries

Governor Joseph Lenku accompanied by his deputy Martin Mshisho and county secretary Kennedy Kerei on August 30 when he toured various departments to meet with staf.
Governor Joseph Lenku accompanied by his deputy Martin Mshisho and county secretary Kennedy Kerei on August 30 when he toured various departments to meet with staf.

Kajiado governor Joseph Lenku yesterday created three more departments and realigned existing ministries in his government in a bid to streamline service provision in county.

This in essence will mean that three more county ministers and directors will be hired on top of the twelve that were there previously.

Similarly Lenku has married the department of Sanitation with that of health and left medical services department to stand alone.

The departments in the county government now include; finance and economic planning; youth, sports, gender, and social services; education and vocational training; agriculture, livestock and fisheries; co-operative development, and water and irrigation.

Others are; environment and natural resources; trade, culture, tourism and wildlife; lands, physical planning and urban development; public service, administration and citizen participation; roads and public works; housing and energy; ICT, special programs and governor’s service delivery.

 Lenku made the announcement on Wednesday and said the new positions in his government had been designed to simplify service delivery in the various departments.

Meanwhile, governor Lenku has urged county staff to let pass all that happened during election campaigns and start work immediately.

Lenku spoke to staff while visiting their departments on Tuesday.

He said he was enthusiastic to meet the workforce personally as he took the time to address them and reminding them that time for campaigns is long gone.

“As your chief executive officer, I am not going to intimidate anybody because of how you voted or aligned yourselves during the last election campaigns. The people of Kajiado are not interested on political side shows but want to receive uninterrupted services,” said Lenku.

He further clarified to the staff of the various departments that they should not worry about the job security.

 “Nobody shall lose their job because they did not vote for me. I am now governor and that’s what counts. Forget all campaign propaganda and frenzy, and get down to work,” said Lenku.

On his part, his deputy, Martin Moshisho, said his boss and himself have great ambitions of making Kajiado a great county.

“As we took office, the governor laid bare his agenda on how he wants to run the affairs of his government. We are here to seriously deliver what we promised the masses during our campaigns,” said Moshisho.

He said LenkuMoshisho team is determined to improve the social welfare of the people of Kajiado without looking at ethnicity because it took the energy of the majority people to ensure they were elected overwhelmingly.

The deputy governor told the staff it is their duty to deliver services because their CEO will have no choice but to provide an enabling environment for them to work.

He encouraged the staff to go an extra mile without hesitation, to ensure that members of the public who seek their services are served satisfactorily.



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