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Lenku: I will sack corrupt, crooked workers out to fleece the county

Kajiado County Governor Joseph Ole Lenku is breathing fire as he puts on notice corrupt individuals in revenue department.

In his first day in office on Monday, while paying a visit to all departments, the governor said he is determined to see performance in all the departments.

Lenku said other than dedicated services from staff, anything less would amount to dismissal.

He said collection of revenue across the county must be achieved.

“I want to ensure that the target on revenue collection is the foremost priority to enable the people of Kajiado get the required services that I promised during the campaigns, am not here to be corrupted by anybody and we must deliver,” said the new Kajiado governor.

Terming his “failure tag” unfortunate, the governor said he requires no middlemen in fulfilling his promises but to deal directly with critical issues impeding development.

Governor Lenku emphasized on the matter terming it serious with reference to the former President Mwai Kibaki who came with a slogan ‘Kulipa ushuru ni Kujitegemea’ hence making Kenyans become independent in 2003 where revenue turned from Sh260 billion  Sh750 billion.

“I want to commit that we shall collect taxes and raise revenue, and anyone who comes between Lenku and taxes for sure, they shall go home and no Jokes,” said Lenku.

He said he doesn’t want people to miss on services simply because the targets were not met by individual staffers that are out to steal from the coffers.

The governor reminded departments that he was elected to deliver to the people of Kajiado, and by that he shall ensure that they shall leverage anything that will make departments work easy and beneficial to the people

“I am here for your good, I mean well for all of you, hence we need to set a precedent as a county that wants to change the lives of her people for the better”, said Lenku.

The governor further said his county shall network all the national government resources with the region in areas where possible; like roads, water and health among others.

“I respect devolution, but it’s also good to put things into perspective by working closely with other government institutions and private sector, added Lenku.

Sometimes in the beginning of the year, outgoing governor David Nkedianye had claimed he had strong feelings some of his revenue collection staff had formed cartels of reaping from the county government.

He feared that tax collection in the county in a larger percentage ended up in collectors’ pockets.

Lenku appears to have come in with full knowledge that indeed there exist such cartels that are enriching themselves with money from the coffers.

“He warned any involved in corrupt deals amongst the staff that the way out was wide open and that he will not hesitate in invoking the law as prescribed for those involved in stealing from the government,” said Lenku.

When Nkedianye took over as the first governor in 2013, there has been outcry from a section of staff and residents claiming some of his senior officers have been involved in economic crimes as the governor watched.

Some of those who had been accused came from procurement, revenue, and land departments. Nkedianye retained responsible county ministers in those departments despite the outbursts from the residents.

The governor did put his entire close confidantes into plum positions when he took over at the helm and never transferred them unlike he did to in others in other departments.

Lenku was sworn into office on August 18 after he beat his predecessor, Nkedianye, by over 28,000 votes.




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