Kanchori, Osoi in bitter exchanges ahead of Kajiado speaker’s election

Kajiado County assembly Speaker Johnson Osoi will be defending his seat.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

The race for Kajiado county assembly speaker has moved a notch higher as each of candidates attempts to bombard each other with leadership issues.

Former Oloosirkon/Sholinke Ward MCA, Daniel Kanchori, is already reading malice in the way an individual opponent is being groomed by a prominent politician to take over.

Kanchori yesterday claimed a former speaker, Johnson Osoi, is being pushed by a Kajiado South politician to defend his seat and yet he had “withdrawn” from the race “long ago”.

“There is an attempt by a few selfish leaders and cartels to endorse Osoi, who they will manipulate as a speaker. I urge all MCAs to stand firm and make their own independent decision which is vested in the Constitution to avoid micromanagement by external forces,” claimed Kanchori.

He claimed; “Osoi failed to unite the past assembly where he ran his own kitchen cabinet of few MCAs to discriminate on others. This must not happen.”

While reacting to Kanchori’s allegations on the phone yesterday on Monday, Osoi laughed him off and said he is a man of his self and has never been pushed by anybody to defend his seat.

“Those opposed to me are running scared because of my exemplary and unequaled record of professional management of the county assembly for the last four and half years,” exuded Osoi.

Osoi said as speaker for four years he was able to steer the assembly forward and allow the then governor David Nkedianye to do what the law allows him without much interference from MCAs.

“I played a crucial role to have a stable Kajiado county government by laying down a solid foundation in the assembly,” responded Osoi.

Osoi said the truth is coming out he will defend his seat has send waves through their nerves and having read signs of times that they will fail miserably, they are now roping in other politicians who are not even aware of the goings-on.

He said; “Katoo ole Metito is being dragged into issues he is not even aware of. This race is about me and those others who have come out to attempt to unseat me. If they are men enough, let them face me with bare knuckles in the ring instead sparring in the periphery.”

Kanchori on Sunday claimed the independence of MCAs is being put into jeopardy by “outside” forces that are out to make a kill out of a Sh600 Million flagship project at the assembly.

The project in question is the construction of a modern county assembly chambers with offices, public galleries and a parking lot for more than 700 cars in its basement.

In response, Osoi said he personally initiated the project for posterity and he is currently defending the seat so he can see to it that his brainchild project becomes a reality.

“My record speaks volume and there is no need for me to brag in public. I took over as the first speaker with a lean staff of 4 members, and today we have more than 80 well-trained members of staff managing the affairs of the assembly,” said Osoi.

Other than Osoi and Kanchori, another candidate who has shown interest in the outgoing Narok County Secretary, Samuel Seki.

Samuel Seki is in the race for speaker's seat
Samuel Seki is in the race for speaker’s seat

Seki who had registered interest earlier to vie for Kajiado governor seat but dropped out in favor of Governor Joseph Lenku is said to be a “favored” Jubilee candidate.

Kanchori claims he has the support of 4 elected MCAs from Kajiado North wards, 4 (Kajiado West), 1 (Kajiado Central) and three in Kajiado South wards.

He also claims to have all the 8 elected MCAs from Nasa block supporting him which brings a total of 19 MCAs out of the 25 elected ones.

During the election of the speaker which takes place 14 days after the gazettement of all MCAs, 16 nominated MCAs will also take part in the election.


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