Job Uncertainty Grips Kajiado County Ministers as New Sheriff Steps In

Governor Joseph Lenku puts his leg forward to dance to a Maasai gospel song after he was sworn to office on August 18 in Kajiado.
Governor Joseph Lenku puts his leg forward to dance to a Maasai gospel song after he was sworn to office on August 18 in Kajiado.

By KNU Editor-In-Chief

Panic, uncertainty grips Kajiado county ministers and chief officers as the new sheriff, Governor Joseph Lenku, assumes office with replacement list.

Lenku is set to unveil his cabinet and other top positions as he ascends to office tomorrow on Monday.

Sources privy to the goings-on in Lenku’s kitchen cabinet told us on Sunday a new list of county executive committee members and county secretary is being “cleaned” up in readiness for the assembly to start its business.

The sources further disclosed that other than the list of 10 new CECMs and a CS, 12 new chief officers are being sought by the governor and his team of technocrats he sourced from within and outside the county.

All 23 top-notch officers at the county government must be vetted and approved by the county assembly, which the governor has full support of 18 out of 23 members of the county assembly.

Lenku is also expected to pick his legal team of advisors, political advisor, and chief of protocol, chief of staff, economic and personal advisor.

Other new office bearers to be picked to serve in the governor’s office include; youth affairs advisor, director of communications and officer in-charge of women affairs.

Unlike his predecessor, David Nkedianye, governor Lenku has appointed a team of technocrats to vet those who will be appointed to serve in his office.

A source said; “My boss comes into office with an open mind with full knowledge that he is expected to perform more and even better than his predecessor. He told us he wants a team of bight men and women to work with him.”

Lenku’s close advisors are of the opinion that the outgoing CEO operated in “isolation” from his team and never took advises from those he worked with.

Other than Lenku appointing new people to serve in his cabinet, the governor is said to have also requested his advisors to “look” at, and “realign” the all the senior staff in each department so as to “better” provision of services.

During Lenku’s inauguration on Friday, was categorical when he pledged to promote good governance, public service and citizen participation.

He said; “My administration shall seek to address gaps in public service planning, quality and in citizen participation in local governance and development programs.”

Lenku said his administration will review governance, management and service delivery structures in all departments to ensure accountability and transparency with focus to the people of Kajiado with no favour of discrimination.

“We shall invest in setting up effective performance management systems and processes used to appraise performance on a semi-annual basis,” said Lenku on Friday last week.

The new governor said he will strive to ensure the county is free from criminal elements and to promote peaceful community integration and co-existence for accelerated socio economic development.

He also promised equitable distribution of development benefits amongst the urbanites and the rural pastoralists.

“My administration shall set out to professionalize service delivery, to hold every officer accountable for delivery of planned performance and ensure of excellent services and products by our contractors,” said Lenku in his office acceptance speech.






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