National council of elders calls for calm in the country for sake of peace

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

The national council of elders has urged leaders who have won the election to show respect to the losers and unite the country.

The council that draws its membership from senior citizens across the country also urged the losers to allow the winners to celebrate in peace.

Its chairman, Eng. Patrick Muiru, spoke at a press conference at Ridgeways Inn attended by more than 20 members from all the provinces in across the country when he warned politicians to watch their tongues.

Muiru said on August 8, 15,203,616 Kenyans successfully voted in 20, 883 polling stations throughout the country in electing their leaders.

“We are perturbed by the sentiments attributed to one opposition leader suggesting the IEBC systems in its nerve centre were hacked with the aim of tilting the results to favour another presidential candidate,” said Muiru.

He said the said coalition supported their allegations with data different from the official records.

The senior council member further said the IBBC has elaborated that their system runs on a oracle data base which is different from the allegations based on a SQL database.

“Now, wisdom demands that we the national council of elders state that; after having gone through the 2007/8 post election experience, it is our duty to point out IEBC should be given time to do what the constitution requires of them,” added Muiru.

The elders said leaders should constrain themselves in making sensitive statements that can burn the country.

Some of the prominent elders who spoke included; Patron Capt (rtd) Kungu Muigai, David Sankori (Kajiado), James Matundura (Kisii), NCE Treasurer Ahmed Set, National Chairman Phares Rutere, Major (rtd) Rama Mwang’ombe (Coast), Ker Ongadi (Nyanza), Patrick Chaka (Western), Major (rtd) John Seii (North Rift) and Kegochi wa Waimiri (Kikuyu Cultural Association).

Rutere said Kenyans voted peacefully and conducted themselves in a noble manner, but wondered why certain individual politicians would want to anger the nation by making wild statements.

He reiterated that the council does not support any individual in leadership but thrives to support those in leadership regardless of their background.

“Local and International observers have commended IEBC for the good work it has done so far but certain opposition coalition politicians are making wild statements that are aimed at dividing the country,” said Rutere.

Seii said Kenya cannot afford to slip back to what happened after the 2007/8 elections, adding that the government should use all its muscle to stop it by applying the law to apprehend those bent on causing chaos.

Ongadi said those in the opposition are children of Kenya and should not oppose those elected to form the government of the day for the sake of it.

The council was established in 2009 and registered in 2014 under the societies’ Act to provide an umbrella focal platform where councils of elders from all communities interact, negotiate, coerce and dialogue over disputes that threaten peace in the country.

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