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How Kajiado People reacted to their MCAs in 2017 polls

Angered by their incessant leaders, who ascended to power through the 2013 general election, the voters used their vote power to edge them out of leadership in 2017.

Kaputiei North – Joshua Olowuasa WON

Most of their score cards did not match their positions as some of them used the coffers’ money to punish those who did not vote for them in the 2013 elections.

Kaputiei Ward seat race – David Nkirrimpai LOST

Their greed has now paid them off and a new breed of leaders, who are more educated on the need of voters, are on board.

Armed with the same vote, the people of Kajiado will now be monitoring their leaders to the end of their term, and are likely to unleash the same measure if their leaders fail to fit their bills.

See below how the voters from all the 25 wards voted in 2017.


Olkeri – Onesmas Ngogoyo – (OUT) – James Gitau ( JP- IN)
Ngong – Paul Supet  – (OUT) – Robert Mworia ( JP -IN)

Imaroro – Timothy  Sayiore – (OUT) – Amos Peshut ( WIPER-IN)
Kuku – Solomon Kutatoi – (OUT) – Mpete Meshuda (JP-IN)

Magadi –  Peter Pariken – (OUT) – Joseph Masiaya (JP-IN)
Imbirrikani/Eselenkei – Sayianka Kosei – (OUT) – Julius Moipai (JP-IN)

Entonet/Lenkisim – Benjamin Kool – (OUT) – Paul Muterian (PNU-IN)

Oloosirkon – Daniel Kanchori –  (Out) –  Francis Kaesha (ODM -IN)
Kaputiei North – David Nkirrimpai – (OUT) – Joshua Olowuasa (WIPER-IN)
Keek-Onyokie – George Sunkuyia (OUT) – Moses Saoyo (JP-IN)

Kimana – James Kuya Nina – (OUT) – Peter Parsen (JP-IN)
Iloodokilani – John Matinta – (OUT) – Jackson Mpaada (JP-IN)
Nkaimurunya – John Wanyoike  – (OUT) – Joseph Mwaicha (JP-IN)

Ildamat – Joseph Mutunkei – (OUT) – Samuel Teum (WIPER-IN)
Matapato North –  Lesalaon Seki – (OUT) – Dickson Nkaloyo (ODM-IN)
Kitengela –  Nathaniel Sinkeet – (OUT) – Paul Matuyia (ODM-IN)
Purko –  Samuel Kipaika – (OUT) – Daniel Naikuni (ODM-IN)

Oloolua – Martin Njogu Kimemia – (JP-RETAINED)
Dalalekutuk –  James Lesere – (JP-RETAINED)

Matapato North -Hosea Kasaine Toshi – (JP-RETAINED)

Kenyewa/Poka – Henry Kimiti (JP-RETAINED)
Ewuaso Oonkidong’i – Justus Ngossor – (JP-RETAINED)

Ongata Rongai – Mwathi Pere – (JP-RETAINED)
Mosiro – Peter Tirishe – (ODM-RETAINED)
Rombo – Lengete Kamete – (JP-RETAINED)




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