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Sports to Politics: Is Wenger the Game Changer in Kajiado Politics?

Sports to Politics: Is Wenger the Game Changer in Kajiado Politics
Sports to Politics: Is Wenger the Game Changer in Kajiado Politics

By Lucy Mutungi

Youngster Shadrack Saibulu alias Wenger is among those leading campaigns for the re-election of Governor David Nkedianye in Kajiado South.

A move described by many as poking gubernatorial hopeful Joseph Lenku by campaigning for his rival in his backyard that is perceived a political stronghold.

The 25 year old Wenger, who is also vying for Kuku Ward Member of County Assembly, is confident
his team will drum up enough support in Kajiado South, to deliver another term for Nkedianye.

Wenger, who has a strong background in local football, is confident of clinching the seat as Kuku Ward
MCA to possibly become one of the youngest MCAs after the August elections.

He, who doubles up as the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Kajiado South chairperson , says top on his agenda if he gets elected will be to empower the youth.  The politician admits his experience as a football coach and official, has exposed him to the myriad challenges that the youth in region face.

He pledges to offer people oriented leadership which he believes is the only way to solve these challenges. He has accused the current leadership of promoting status quo and not being in touch with the people they ought to serve. In his view, the incumbent governor has a good vision for the county but he needs the right MCAs to support his vision.

“For effective leadership in the county, we must have leaders that are not only smart and educated but also visionary and have the people at heart,” says Wenger.

Wenger’s rivals among them a former Councillor have downplayed his popularity terming him as a political newbie.
He has however dismissed these allegations saying he has brought a narrative of change into the political scene.

He says the electorate are now more enlightened and will be keen to vote in leaders who can deliver on their pledges.



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