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Saitoti Hospital Reacts to its Alleged Negligence on Patients

RESPONDENT - County Health Principal Secretary Fridah Ntinyari.
RESPONDENT - County Health Principal Secretary Fridah Ntinyari.

The Saitoti Hospital in Rongai has responded to claims attributed to one, Judytessar Kagendo, who accused the facility of negligence.

Kagendo, who took her case to social media, however, did not indicate when her niece was taken to hospital for the administration to take up the matter.

ACCUSER - Judy Kagendo raised the matter at Saitoti Hospital
ACCUSER – Judy Kagendo raised the matter at Saitoti Hospital

Dr. Marion Mukira told KNU she received a message through WhatsApp detailing how Kagendo explained the scenario at the hospital.

“As the in charge of the facility, I have tried my best to investigate the matter and found out that there are many inaccuracies in her story. She should have reported that matter to my office immediately for my attention,” claimed Mukira.

Mukira said at the facility, despite nurses going on strike, there two nurses who are standby throughout the week who attend to patients, and one male pharmacist.

“There was no negligence at all because if she is reporting that she arrived at the hospital at 3.30pm and by 4pm the child had been attended to, where do you say our staff went wrong?” asked Mukira.

She said, according to her investigations, one patient was attended to and on reaching the pharmacy, the drug that had been prescribed was not at the facility.

She went on; “That patient was given the available drugs and told to go and buy what was not available.”

Kagendo is now required to provide all the details relating to allegations she made on social media so the hospital can be able to understand who was responsible for whatever could have gone wrong.

When KNU attempted to reach out to Kagendo through messenger on Facebook, she could not call us so we can interrogate her further on the same.

Dr. Mukira said the hospital has triage, which is a process of determining the priority of patient’s treatments based on the severity of their condition.

“In that case, if the patient was really seriously ill, we would have admitted the sick at the facility so that we can do the necessary,” said Mukira.

Triage rations patient treatment efficiently when resources are insufficient for all to be treated immediately, said the doctor.

The Health Chief Officer at the County Government, Fridah Ntinyari said she has taken up the matter for investigation and also appealed to the complainant to appear before her office.

“This is serious matter and we will not leave any stone unturned until we bring the alleged culprit to book. These are public hospitals mean to provide services 24/7,” said an angry CO.

In her story, Kagendo had alleged that she had gone to Saitoti Hospital in Rongai to seek her niece’s treatment and arrived at the facility at 3.30pm.

She claimed her 10-month-old niece was ‘seriously ill” but were forced to queue despite the situation of the child.

That not withstanding, they managed to see a doctor by 4pm and on receiving prescription drugs, the pharmacy had already closed down.

Kagendo claimed she pleaded with the pharmacist but he could not back down to serve them.

Her claims on social media have received many reactions from the residents in the county as they called for action to be taken against the official at the pharmacy.




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