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Church Takes Full Charge of Nkaissery Burial in Bissil

Church Takes Full Charge of Nkaissery Burial in Bissil
Church Takes Full Charge of Nkaissery Burial in Bissil

The family and local elders have ruled out indulgence of Seuri age-set members in the burial of the late Interior CS, Joseph Nkaissery, on Saturday.

A lead elder and former Assistant Minister, David Sankori, said on Friday the Church will run the program from prayer service to the burial site at Bissil home.

The late Interior CS belongs to Seuri age set that defines the name given to those who were born inside a span of 10 years after circumcision.

Sankori said the decision was reached between the family, the local elders and the church so as to give the departed Maasai son a Christian send off.

Under Maasai customary arrangements, fallen heroes are escorted to the grave by age mates.

It happened with the late William Ntimama and John Keen, in the recent past.

Sankori said Nkaissery and his wife and children were active members of their church and wished all the arrangements done based on Christian virtues.

The late Interior CS will also be interned at the back of his main house and not in front of the house as it had been identified by an external burial committee on Tuesday.

Kajiado County Commissioner, Harsama Kello, said on Friday preparation of the grave is “almost complete” at the back of the main house where the late minister will be finally interned.

According to Sankori, prayers will be held outside the compound on Saturday inside a 5,000 sitting capacity tent, and thereafter a few dignitaries and members of the Nkaissery family will be allowed to escort the body for burial.

The road to the home had been graveled by Thursday evening as clean-up of the massive tent outside the home was being worked on.

Family spokesman, Saitoti ole Maika, was said to be in a meeting the entire morning, and was not available for finer details of the Saturday burial arrangement.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, among his senior officers in government, was expected by the family to attend the burial ceremony in the late CS home in Bissil on Saturday.

Sankori said the family will be expecting “a lot of people” to attend the burial ceremony and the local committee have set aside 55 heads of cattle, mainly bulls, and more than 250 goats and sheep for slaughter on Friday afternoon.

It is estimated that the Nkaissery family, and all the close relatives spread in the Matapato Kajiado Maasai number about 800, according to family spokesman, Maika.

He said the committee involved in the arrangement was still debating on increasing the number of bulls for slaughter as he left in the morning to attend to other unrelated issues outside the home in Bissil.

The opposition politicians, whose presence last Sunday at the home of late CS had caused some friction among the relatives of the minister, were cleared Helen Nkaissery to attend the burial.

Governor David Nkedianye and Kajiado MP, Elijah Memusi, said they are happy to be part of the mourners to see their departed son interned.

The two maintained they have no bad feelings following the “unfortunate” incident on Sunday.



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