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Nkaissery’s Wife, Helen, Speaks Out on Her Last Moment With Late CS

Helen narrates her last moment with late husband interior CS Joseph Nkaissery
Helen narrates her last moment with late husband interior CS Joseph Nkaissery

Helen Nkaissery today evening moved hundreds of kin members and neighbors to tears when she narrated the last moments with her husband before he died.

Helen drew unprecedented emotions that made even the hardest of hearts shutter when she said the day her late husband, Joseph Nkaissery, died was her greatest moments in her life.

“He arrived home the happiest man, I have never seen in our marriage. He smiled wide and felt my presence with warmth I have never seen before,” she spoke as she made bare the last moments with her loved husband.

The wife of the late CS was speaking at her palatial home in Bissil after meeting her kin members and the age mates (Seuri) of her husband in a gathering that was attended by more than 500 people.

Helen walked out of her house with the support of her kin members and said she was now feeling better after she collapsed when she received news of her late husband on Saturday morning.

“I remember vividly what transpired on that fateful day. I had just had a meeting with more than 500 women in Kajiado Central and after that, I arrived home here in Bissil and decided that I will be with my husband on that Friday,” said Helen.

She went on; “I called my husband’s drivers to come and pick me from my rural home and there was no vehicle. I was later told the only vehicle available was my husband’s chase car. I told them to come over, and I arrived at our Karen home in good time.”

At Karen, Helen said she called her husband and informed him she was already in Nairobi.

“He sounded great and loving on the phone. He later arrived home at 9 pm and, as usual, made several calls to his friends and later the President,” she said.

At 11 pm. Helen said she went directly to bed and her husband went to pray within the house before following her to bed.

“He came to bed and we slept. After about 20 minutes, I heard my husband wake up and walked out of the bed. I thought he was going to the toilet but a few seconds later, I heard a big bang on our bedroom table. I woke up to find him on the floor,” said Helen.

Nkaissery’s wife said she attempted to lift him but he could not make and therefore called his aides who rushed in immediately.

The late CS was rushed to Karen Hospital, some 5 minutes drive from their home, but on arriving at the facility, doctors pronounced him dead, Helen said.

Senator Gideon Moi, who was also present at Bissil home, said he had been touched by the death of a friend.

“I have come here to share our family’s time with you at this saddest moment in your life because the Nkaissery and Moi family have many things in common,” said Moi.

He wished the family well during these saddest moments in the family and after the burial of their loved.

He described Nkaissery as a “straight forward leader” he will miss forever.

Earlier on, Helen told her kin members not to speculate on what killed her husband because her two sons represented the family during Nkaissery’s postmortem.

“We were briefed by our doctors of the cause of the death and we are satisfied not foul play was found,” said Helen.

She announced that her husband’s last resting place had been identified and called on the local community to show respect for their departed son on Saturday.



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