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Late CS Nkaissery Was to Raise Fees for 500 Students on Saturday


A fundraiser slated for Saturday at Ngatataek town in Kajiado was canceled when news of Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery’s demise went on air.  

Nkaissery was to be the guest of honor in the event whose organizers had slaughtered seven bulls and 20 goats on Friday evening for the guests.

Bishop Paul Ntuke a close spiritual friend to the late CS, described Nkaissery as a father and a hero of many.

Ntuke said he was shocked by the abrupt death of a man he has known for many years as a neighbor in Bissil village.

“We had planned everything for the fundraiser including preparation of food because we have always dealt with Nkaissery and know that he is always time conscious,” said Ntuke, who shade tears as he spoke.

He said Nkaissery, who is locally being referred to as ‘General’, was a kind hearted person ever since he joined the military and later as MP and CS.

“Nkaissery sacrificed his life for others and has been presiding over community harambees including this community’s education fund. For the last 20 years, he has been guiding us and telling us to take our children to school,” said the bishop.

He said the Ngatataek fundraiser was expected to raise school fees for 500 students from Kajiado Central sub-county in secondary schools.

As the bishop described a man they loved so dearly, some of the women who had turned up dawn to prepare food for the guest in the canceled fundraiser wailed uncontrollably as others rolled in the dust.

Mary Silantoi, who said has a child in high school, was shocked by the sad news and could not imagine how she will manage her life after the death of Nkaissery.

“He was everything to me after my husband died 12 years ago in a road accident. He has been paying for my son’s school fees and providing our upkeep. If wishes were horses, I would have given up my life to save his soul,” Silantoi explained.


A somber mood engulfed Bissil town the entire day as business came to standstill in the ever busy upmarket that is a walking distance from Nkaissery’s rural home.

It is rare for men to shed a tear while mourning a parted soul, but myth could not hold any water when we met with a group of elders at Nkaissery’s home after they were turned away by police officers manning the gate.

We saw three elderly men sobbing after they were told by one of the policemen that there was no one at the home.

Nkaissery and his family live in Nairobi’s Karen area and only travel home over the weekends when he is not busy with state duties.

No political rallies took place in Kajiado on Saturday as the county was put in a spin by the sad news of Nkaissery’s death in Nairobi.

Wiper Senate aspirant, Jason Parantai who had planned to launch his campaign manifesto at his Isinya home cancelled the event in respect of the late Nakissery.

He however hosted guests at the home to celebrate his wife’s graduation, and told the guest speakers to steer off politics in honour of the late CS.

Speaking during the occasion, his elder brother Moses Parantai who vied for Jubilee governor nomination and lost told the people of Kajiado to calmly wait for the outcome of the postmortem repot on Nkaissery’s body.

“Let us not speculate about the death of our CS. The government will lay bare the findings and from there we shall give our stand on the matter,” said Parantai.


As we filed this report, all the Kajiado elected leaders were expected to converge at Nkaissery’s home at 2pm on Sunday.

Kajiado West MP, Moses Sakuda and his Kajiado Central counterpart, Elijah Memusi said other leaders from the neighbouring Narok, Makueni and Machakos were also expected at the home of the late CS in Bissil.

All the Churches in the county observed a one minute silence in honour of Nkaissery and their leaders called for calm at this time of mourning.



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