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Maa Nation Skeptical of Nkaissery’s Death, Say News Hard to Swallow

The late retired general Joseph Nkaissery
The late retired general Joseph Nkaissery

General (rtd) Joseph Nkaissery’s demise is yet to come to terms with the Maa nation as hundreds of people called to confirm if the news of his death were true.

According to his wife, Helen, the Interior CS was well the entire day until her husband complained of fatigue after 9 pm on Friday night and thereafter arrangements were made to take him for medical check-ups at Karen Hospital.

The minister passed on in the city hospital facility, several hours after his condition became worse, another family source recounted on Saturday morning. He was aged 67 at the time of his death.

After the news of the minister’s death was made public the chief of staff in the presidency, Joseph Kinyua, the people of Kajiado said it will take them time to believe they had lost a “dedicated” son.

According to a family source at the minister’s home in Karen, Nkaissery went to bed unusually early on Friday after he complained of “fatigue” but with a note to his security detail that he would be waking up early to attend to a “small” issue at Ngong veterinary research institute.

The retired army general was scheduled to address a stalemate, this morning, between the police, members of Keek-Onyokie herders and the Ngong veterinary institute after the former locked their stock in the latter’s farm.

Police in Ngong on Tuesday morning detained 250 heads of cattle belonging to the community on allegation they trespassed into the veterinary land.

On Wednesday, the owners of the livestock went check of their detained cows only to find 17 of them had been bludgeoned with metal bars and had their horns broken.

Other cows had deep panga cut injuries on their backs, necks and limbs.

The Ngong OCS, who detained the cows failed to explain under what circumstances they were injured.

After failing to get a proper answer, elders of the community claimed they were going to take over the veterinary farm because it belonged to the community before it was handed over to the colonial government in the 1940s.

On Friday, thousands of livestock from the community invaded the farm and were seen grazing in paddocks set aside for livestock breeding in the government institution.

The Kajiado North deputy county commissioner, the area police chief and local chiefs failed to resolve the matter and Nkaissery was scheduled to address the issue this morning.

Land matters have been classified “sensitive issue” by security agents in Kajiado, and the only person the Keek-Onyokie Maasai could have listened to.

Kajiado County Commissioner, Harsama Kello, described the Minister as a dedicated civil servant who served in his internal security docket with “precision”.

“He was a strict boss but very kind to those under him in the ministry. He was quick to point at mistakes but also quick in forgiving. Anyone of us who did a good job would attract the minister’s compliments,” Kello said.

While the opposition termed him “dictatorial” every time he cautions their leaders against making inflammatory statements, most politicians believed in him on his job as Interior CS.

A close friend of the CS, David Nchari, said Nkaissery was headed to become the country’s Maa spokesman, a position that was left unfilled after the death of William Ntimama.

“We have lost a focused son, who the people of Maa believed in. He was a unifying factor and a loving father to all under him. We all looked up to him for guidance whenever there was a problem,” said Nchari.



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