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Uhuru Sack Kores, Appoints Senteu to Chair KMC Board


President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday effectively sacked the Kenya Meat Commission Chairman, Tarayia ole Kores days after he defected to the opposition.

In a gazette notice dated June 22 and released on Friday, Kenyatta appointed former Narok County Council Chairman, Ntoros Baare ole Senteu, to succeed Kores for the next three years at KMC.

Kenyatta revoked the appointment of Kores as the chairman of KMC board and appointed Senteu for a period of three years with immediate effect.

After Kores ditching JP, party proponents in Kajiado had started fronting Julius ole Ntayia from the Kaputiei community to inherit the position. The appointment of a Narok Maasai is expected to cause more friction in Kajiado for the next more days.

Kores, while reacting to his sacking said it was long overdue and the president’s action has no value to Jubilee because the Maasai nation decided “ages” back to ditch the ruling coalition.

“As I have always said, Jubilee has its owners and those still inside from the Maasai community are yet to see worse things than I saw in the party that I built from a scratch in Kajiado,” said Kores.

Asked if he is bitter about the sacking, he retorted; “Bitter, what bitterness? There is nothing to be happy there. Senteu is taking up that job because he has been in the cold for many years and thinks he has been given a job. I pity him for sur.”

Kores parted ways with Jubilee after he lost his governor flagship bid during the party nominations in April and blamed it squarely on Deputy President William Ruto, who he alleged to have rigged him in favour of politician Joseph ole Lenku.

He has since joined Nasa, and he is one of Raila Odinga’s chief campaigners in Kajiado and Narok counties.

During a visit to Iloodokilani Ward last week to receive Kores to ODM, Raila said the party had catch the biggest fish ever in Maasai region.

After Kores crossing to ODM, and Nasa fraternity in general, the opposition has made more inroads into Kajiado, that was considered earlier as Jubilee’s swing-vote zone in the impending general elections.



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