Nkedianye Warns Those Planning to Steal Kajiado Votes to Think Twice

Kajiado governor David Nkedianye warned of dire consequences for those planning to steal Maasai votes inthe impending general elections.He spoke in Merrueshi area of Kajiado East constituency.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Kajiado Governor David Nkedianye says the county is secured in NASA and that Jubilee should not waste time campaigning in the region.

Nkedianye, who spoke in Merrueshi area of Kajiado East constituency on Saturday during the launch of Kakuta Maimai’s campaign launch, said Maasais are tired of Jubilee administration.

“The Maasai of Kajiado are not undecided because all of us have trooped to NASA. We are tired of this government that seems not to recognize our existence,” said Nkedianye.

The governor claimed Kajiado has missed rain for the last two years and people are hungry that the government has paid less attention to the plight of the people.

“Every time we ask for government support in supply for famine relief, they tell us they are constructing the standard gauge railway. When we want the roads to be built, they say they are doing other things. We are completely tired of this government,” said Nkedianye.

He claimed the pastoralist Maasai of Kajiado have nowhere to graze their livestock, and that every time the little livestock that are still surviving the drought cross to national parks, the local are arrested and beaten “thoroughly” before being arraigned in court.

Nkedianye claimed the government is still holding back more than Sh200 million mean for compensation victims of human/wildlife conflict dating back to six years back.

“If the government things we have no enough votes as the Maasai community, it will be shocked on the eve of August 9 general election. We will shock them because the Maasai have decided,” said the governor.

He warned that those pending to steal the Maasai votes in Kajiado will regret their move come the elections day.

Hate pamphlet on an electric pole in Ngong on Saturday night. Police are now collecting them in Kitengela and Ngong towns.
Hate pamphlet on an electric pole in Ngong on Saturday night. Police are now collecting them in Kitengela and Ngong towns.




























He claimed Kajiado East, South, Central and West constituencies are locked in ODM, while Kajiado North is 50 per cent in support of NASA.

The governor campaigned for Maimai, who is seeking Kajiado East parliamentary seat, Esther Somoire for woman MP and Daniel Tenaai for senator position.

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