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Nkaissery Tells Off Raila Over Claims He is Intimidating Opposition

Raila & Mudavadi
Raila & Mudavadi

Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery has told off Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga for claiming the minister is fighting opposition.

Nkaissery told Raila “to go to hell” along with the new Nasa kid on the block, Tarayia ole Kores for claiming the Minister is intimidating Iloodokilani elders for allegedly supporting the opposition.

On Thursday Raila claimed during a Nasa rally in Maili 46 town in Iloodokilani, Kajiado West, that Nkaissery is “abusing his position by threatening the opposition with arrest”.

The interior CS, while responding to a sms question put to him by the Star said; “tell them to go to hell” adding that he was busy in a meeting.

Kores, who called the Star claimed Nkaissery was holed up at Weston Hotel in Nairobi with “those who fought my candidature in the failed Jubilee nominations along with more than 400 elders from Kajiado to see how they can counter the successful Nasa rally”.

He said the minister’s meeting “is inconsequential and will not take Jubilee anywhere”.

While in Iloodokilani Raila had claimed those in Jubilee are “swallowing saliva every time they see the Maasai land” and added that under Nasa administration he will fight land grabbers who have made the Maasai “miserable

“The Maasai people of Kajiado have suffered historical land injustices for many years under various regimes that have neglected the pastoralists,” claimed Raila.

The Nasa principal, who was accompanied by his running mate, Kalonzo Musyoka, senators James Orengo and Moses Wetangula with other local leaders; including Kajiado governor David Nkedianye, told the Maasai community to read the writings on the wall and make an informed decision as the country go to the polls in August.

While welcoming Kores, who recently defected from Jubilee to join Orange Democratic Movement under the Nasa arrangement, Raila said the Kajiado politician “is the biggest fish” Nasa has fished in many months.

Kores told the Iloodokilani Maasai to support the Raila presidency in the august polls if they mind about their future.

“Ever since I was rigged out by Deputy President, William Ruto and Nkaissery in the failed party nominations, have you seen the two coming here in Maasai land? They cannot come because they do not have you at heart at all,” said Kores.

Nkedianye said a now down in Kajiado has shown the Maasai “the way to go in Nasa” because the government of the day “failed” the pastoralists.

He claimed the Jubilee administration had failed the Maasai by making false promises regarding development.

“They came here and lied to us that they were planning to tarmac the Kajiado/Mashuuru/Isara road. Did you see anything happening on that road?” asked Nkedianye.



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