Kajiado Voters Troop to ODM in Thousands, Promise Revolt Against Jubilee

Nkedianye arrives in Kenyewa -Poka this evening.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

By Titus Tonkei and Moses Moilo

In yet another show of might, the people of Kenyewa/Poka ward in Kajiado East turned up in large numbers to endorse the re-election of Governor David Nkedianye.

The numbers were estimated at beyond 5, 000 men and women of all walks who donned their ODM-coloured caps and shirts.

In a show of solidarity, the people of the ward led by their ODM MCA aspirant, Bernad Moloma, said they will support Nkedianye and all their party aspirants come August 8, general elections.

Beauties of Governor Nkedianye arrive in Poka, Kajiado East in big numbers today. Photo KNU
Beauties of Governor Nkedianye arrive in Poka, Kajiado East in big numbers today. Photo KNU

Such a mammoth crowd that turned to receive Nkedianye was the largest after another one in Loitokitok that left Jubilee bigwigs in the county with mixed reactions.

Nkedianye was in company of senate aspirant, Daniel Tenaai, and other party supporters drawn from Kajiado East, South, Central, West and North.

Unlike other political meeting where politicians carry the day in giving speeches, the people of Kenyewa/Poka Ward took over the event and assured the leaders they will remain intact in the party.

They claimed they voted overwhelmingly for Jubilee in the last general election but were now moving to Nasa where they hope will get a new lease of life as Kajiado Maasai.

The residents claimed they have never seen any positive support from the Jubilee administration to warrant another support in the coming election.

Speaking during the event, Kaputiei council of elders members; Daniel Kaata, Paul Kepue, Richard Lengete and ODM county chair Daniel Osoi, said they had earlier in the year made a declaration to move out of Jubilee and support Nkedianye in his re-election bid.

They also said they will support their ODM parliamentary aspirant, Kakuta Maimai, to secure the seat which is currently being held by MP Peris Tobiko.

Governor Nkedianye and his deputy Paul Ntiati in Poka. Photo- KNU
Governor Nkedianye and his deputy Paul Ntiati in Poka. Photo- KNU

“Bwana Maimai ako kwa lineup ya Nkedianye nimemshika mkono, nimesema lazima tubadilishe uongozi wa Kajiado East,” said Kaata.

Kaata continued; “Na tunataka tubadilishe uongozi kutoka juu hadi chini. Kajiado iko ndani ya Nasa”.

Nkedianye, who spoke in Erangau in the ward
said Nasa is becoming stronger every day.

“Kajiado is now a Nasa zone and we are becoming stronger every day. Many people are seeing the light daily and decamping to team daktari,” said Nkedianye.

They event took place only one day after Nasa welcomed Kajiado’s political doyen and chairman of Kenya Meat Commission, Tarayia Kores on defecting from Jubilee in Iloodokilani on Sunday.

Kenyewa/Poka MCA, Henry Kimiti defected from Jubilee after things became elephant for him few days before the party nominations in April.

The people of the ward told KNU Kimiti read signs on the wall that Jubilee had no room and therefore went under and will be seeking re-election on a deferent party ticket.

Moloma is said to be a force to reckon with and likely to sweep all the available votes for MCA.


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