Kajiado’s Political Heavyweight Kores Dumps Jubilee, Drums NASA Support

From left, Joel Leshao -Nkedianye's political advisor, Iloodokilani MCA John Matinta, governor David Nkedianye and politician Tarayia Kores at KMQ Church on Sunday.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Former Olkejuado County Council chairman, Tarayia Ole Kores, on Sunday endorsed the re-election of Governor David Nkedianye.

 The endorsement of Nkedianye by the former powerful Olkejuado chairman now complicates the Jubilee equation to have politician Joseph Lenku to unseat the incumbent in governor race.

 Kores fell out with Jubilee along with Senator Peter Mositet after the two claimed they were rigged in the April party nomination.

 The new developments will keep Jubilee heads spinning for a while, given an earlier assumption that Kajiado could be Jubilee’s granary for swing votes in the coming August general elections.

 The politician, Kores, was gunning for the gubernatorial nomination but Lenku trounced him. Mositet also claimed he had been rigged out by Lenku ally in the nomination for flag bearer in the Senate race.

 The two, Kores and Mositet, called a press conference in Kiserian to condemn Deputy President William Ruto for allegedly tampering with the party nominations.

 Kores went on record when he read his resignation letter to Jubilee party and condemned Ruto’s hand in the woes he allegedly caused in the party nominations in Kajiado.

 Making his announcement in Iloodokilani area of Kajiado West on Sunday evening, Kores said he has no business left in Jubilee and was now drumming support for Nkedianye and Nasa principal Raila Odinga.

 He also said he will campaign for ODM nominee for senate race, Daniel Tenaai and all others in the opposition in revenge to what DP Ruto “did to us”.

Kores spoke in KMQ in Iloodokilani ward during a church service, when he said Nkedianye deserves to be re – elected.

“I thank all Iloodokilani people for the votes you gave me during the failed Jubilee Party nomination. We really wanted the seat as Iloodokilani people but the deputy President and the Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery joined hands with others to ensure I don’t get the ticket,” said a physically disturbed Kores.

 He claimed he won the nomination but those opposed to him and Senator Mositet ensured they were rigged  out in the process.

“I won with over 18,000 votes and Mositet also won with over 40,000 votes. The leaders (Ruto and Nkaissery) didn’t want me to be the jubilee nominee for governor race because I will not be used as Ole Lenku,” added Kores.

He also claimed that prior to the party nominations in Kajiado someone in the presidency had approached him and requested him to step down and seek senate nomination.

“Ruto told me to vie for the senate position, and I told him the people of Kajiado know whom they want as senator,” revealed Kores.

Kores claimed his supporters asked him to vie as an independent candidate in the governor race so that they could spoil for Jubilee but he decided to support those who are not wanted by Ruto and Nkaissery in leadership.

“I as ole Kores, who is standing before my blood brothers from Iloodokilani Ward, hereby declare that I will fully support the re-election of Dr. Nkedianye, Senator Tenaai and in the Presidency I am supporting Raila,” declared Kores.

 Kores has a big following across the county, and his moving to support Nkedianye will give the Jubilee administration nightmares for the next few months to the election.

The Kenya Meat Commission chairman is expected to turn tables on the face of Jubilee by ensuring that ODM takes over the region.

Already Kajiado Central constituency is fully corded with MP Elijah Memusi in control and with the coming in of Kores Kajiado West is likely to fall to ODM.

There is also likelihood that more ODM MCAs are going to be elected in the 25 elective wards in Kajiado.

In the last general election, ODM managed to secure only two MCA seats, one MP and a governor, but this time round, Nkedianye said he will ensure he takes 15 MCAs.

While in Iloodokilani, the area Jubilee sitting MCA John Matinta, also announced his support for Nkedianye.

Nkedianye thanked the two for joining his winning team and promised he will deliver the seat of governor as he faces “government project” (Lenku) in the race.

“The people of Kajiado have heads with capacity to carry their own brains. Nobody should sit in Nairobi and dictate to us who we should elect as our governor. They cannot even be ashamed to market a failed project they had sacked long time ago for messing up the country’s security system,” claimed Nkedianye in KMQ.



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