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Tobiko Finally to Present Her Nomination Documents to IEBC Tomorrow

Tobiko Wins Kajiado East Parliamentary Race Nomination Against Rival Seneta
Tobiko Wins Kajiado East Parliamentary Race Nomination Against Rival Seneta

After a month of attempts by her political opponent to bar her from contesting election MP Peris Tobiko will finally have her date with IEBC tomorrow (Friday).

The MP will be escorted to Isinya Multipurpose Training Centre from Kitengela town in a convoy of vehicles donated by her supporters at 10 am.

She will later address her supporters in Isinya before embarking on her campaign trail.

In a telephone interview, Tobiko who sounded upbeat about her day with IEBC on Friday, said she “lived through hell” in the last one month after un-ending cases that took her through tribunals after others.

Tobiko’s win in the Jubilee Party nominations held on April 21 was challenged by Kajiado county woman MP, Mary Seneta, through political partie’s dispute tribunal and party appeals tribunal.

Seneta filed about four cases and Tobiko won all of them except one which the political parties’ dispute tribunal ruled that a repeat nomination exercise be repeated in two polling stations in Kitengela.

After the repeat polling, Tobiko was announced by the party as outright winner after the tallying of all the votes had been done.

Soon after the announcement, Seneta went back to court to seek another prayer that a repeat tallying of the votes is done but the matter has not been done with.

Tobiko had beat Seneta by more than 3, 000 votes after final tallying.

Voters in Kajiado have been kept in suspense, and not knowing who their Jubilee MP candidate is, for more than one month because of the court battles.

It is not immediately known what will happen to Tobiko’s candidacy in the event that the case before the courts will be ruled in favour of Seneta after IEBC has cleared her tomorrow.





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