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Sakuda Shocks Jubilee Revelers, Drums Up Nasa Support in City Hotel

Kajiado West MP Moses Sakuda.
Kajiado West MP Moses Sakuda.

MP Moses Sakuda caused a stir at Carnivore Restaurant, Nairobi, on Friday night when he said Governor David Nkedianye of ODM should be re-elected.

Sakuda, who spoke last after several other politicians, walked to the podium with a wide smile and shouted “Nasa Eeeh! Nasa Aaah” – his action caused several heads to turn.

The fully packed restaurant, that was hosting a Maasai annual event dubbed “Esiankiki Night”, went wild with applaud from hundreds of Nkedianye supporters.

Sakuda is a Jubilee MP, who was bundled out of the recent party nominations he has now termed “shambolic”, but has opted to seek re-election on an independent ticket.

All was going well during the vent organized by Esiankiki Foundation until when politician Martin Moshisho walked in to the event and was carried shoulder high to the podium.

Those in the crowd did not seem to recognize the person who was being carried. No one asked questions but people just gazed in the room as they waited to know who the tall fellow is.

He introduced himself as running mate of Jubilee Party gubernatorial aspirant, Joseph ole Lenku, but instead of him being welcome the crowd, instead, shouted at the top of their voices slogans in support of Nkedianye.

After sitting down, Sakuda spoke after recognizing the presence of Nairobi County Nasa Senate aspirant, Esther Pasaris and all those who had accompanied her.

Sakuda said he recognizes some of the leading champions, who have been at the frontline championing Maasai land rights.

He told the fully packed restaurant that leaders such as; Laikipia North MP, Mathew Lempurkel, Nkedianye, Kajiado Central MP, Elijah Kanchory, and Narok North MP Moitalel ole Kenta have been in the forefront of championing the rights of the Maa community.

At least he did not forget himself. “Even me, as I stand in front of you, I am one of those leaders I have mentioned because I have always stood with our people. Maasai issues that affect us directly is more paramount to party issues,” added Sakuda.

When he ended his speech, he looked at the crowd and gave another wide smile before saying: “Jubilee Eeeh! Jubilee AaaH! The crowd kept dead silence.

Two seconds later, the crowd went wild as shouts of NASA rent the air!

In the back scene, there was drama in the restaurant when handful supporters of Moshisho and Lenku were bundled out.

Sakuda also called himself as Maa defender and should be given changes to save Kajiado west.

Lenku supporters immediately start course the function unsettled, until the security was called to remove out as they started fighting with crowded Nkedianye supporters.

The event at Carnivore was one of the many done annually in support of girl child and the money raised is used to buy sanitary towels across the Masaai nation in Samburu, Laikipia, Narok and Kajiado.

Carnivore is an open-air restaurant in the Langat suburb of Nairobi, which used to specialise in meat roasting and features an all-you-can-eat meat buffet. They serve a wide variety of meat and were famous for their game meat until Kenya imposed a ban on the sale of game meat in 2004.



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