Governor Aspirant Lenku Pledges Improved Economy, Construction of Roads

Governor aspirant Joseph ole Lenku address a political rally in Torosei on Thursday.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Poverty, and failure by residents to access devolved county resources is the cause of rampant sale of land in the region, says politician Joseph Lenku.

Lenku, who is the Jubilee Party flag bearer aspirant in the gubernatorial race on Thursday said in Torosei, Kajiado West, that once elected, he will fight poverty by empowering residents financially.

“I am not blaming our people for attempting to make ends meet by disposing their land property; they are doing so because of abject poverty and failure by the devolved county government  to give guidance to the people,” said Lenku.

He urged the people of the county not to play with their lives by voting in wrong people to be their leaders in the August general election.

“My concern surrounds the fact that most of our youth and young women, who make about 60 per cent of the people expected to play a major role in building the economy of the region have been neglected by the devolved system,” claimed Lenku who was addressing a political rally hosted by Iloodokilani Ward JP aspirant, Jackson Mpaada.

Lenku said in his first 100 days in office, once elected, he will have put in place financial work plans for boosting the empowerment of youth and young women in the region.

Iloodokilani MCA aspirant, Jackson Mpaada (JP) and politician Joseph ole Lenku in deep consultation in Torosei on Thursday.
Iloodokilani MCA aspirant, Jackson Mpaada (JP) and politician Joseph ole Lenku in deep consultation in Torosei on Thursday.

“We will set aside a budget for them so that we can help them wake up from financial challenges by boosting their enterprises. They, I believe, can play a major role driving our economy to acceptable levels,” added Lenku.

The aspirant promised to employ the jobless youth in the county government, build more hospitals and improve the road system that is currently in a “sorry” state.

He said during his tenure, he will ensure that all the people who own land property will be allocated with land titles, which they can use them as collateral documents in bank whenever they want financial support.

“No one will accept to sell their land because they can get whatever money from the banks around and repay the funds through sale of livestock,” said Lenku.

He said he went against the wishes of his age-mates and picked a youthful running mate from Matapato North, Martin Moshisho, who will also represent the face of the youth in his government.

Lenku said he is particularly concerned that some politicians were using clan tags in propagating their political agenda and warned such leaders against divided the people of Kajiado on clan lines.

“This is retrospective and backwardness in nature for the people divided on the basis of clans and age-sets. Instead of coming out of this tribal cocoons, we are busy lambing the people and tagging them basing on where they come from,” said a physically angry Lenku.

Speaking during the same occasion, Kajiado West MP aspirant George Sunkuyia said he has defected from his earlier political camp, which supported the nomination of Tarayia Kores as governor aspirant for Jubilee and moved to Lenku side.

He claimed he had beaten the incumbent, Moses Sakuda, in the just concluded JP nomination exercise, in a “clean” manner.

Reacting to Sunkuyia’s statement, Sakuda reminded him that the nominations in Kajiado West was shambolic in nature, and that he is still in the race in August as an independent candidate.

Sakuda said the people of Torosei cannot support any other candidate owing to what he did for them as their MP.

“I know you are in Torosei right now, and the mobile telephony network you are using there is my effort. The likes of Sunkuyia have been in leadership much longer than us and have nothing to showcase about their leadership,” said Sakuda.

Those who also spoke in the rally included Sayianka Kosei (Imbirrikani), Joseph Mutunkei (Ildamat), Ntikinyo ole Sere (Dalalekutuk), Iloodokilani MCA Daniel Patina (Kanu) and JP senate aspirant Philip Mpaayei.



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