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Seneta Launches Yet Another Appeal to Block Tobiko From Running for MP

Kajiado Woman MP Mary Seneta yesterday launched a fresh appeal seeking to bar Jubilee from issuing a nomination certificate to her political rival, Peris Tobiko.

 Seneta, who issued a statement after launching her appeal at the party’s headquarters, said her appeal is based on new facts regarding a result which puts her ahead of Tobiko.

 She demanded that the party nomination certificate should be issued to her.

 The hearing of her case will take place on Thursday at 2 pm at JP headquarters in Nairobi.

 Meanwhile, more pressure was mounted against Jubilee Party on Wednesday by supporters of Kajiado East MP, Peris Tobiko, to issue her with nomination certificate.

The supporters who demonstrated outside the constituency development fund office in Kitengela warned Jubilee of an impending defeat if Tobiko is denied a ticket.

Tobiko won in recent Kajiado East JP nomination against Kajiado Woman MP, Mary Seneta, by about 3, 000 votes.

Tobiko garnered 9, 249 votes against Seneta’s 6, 297 votes after the political parties tribunal ordered a repeat nomination at two contentious polling stations.

The party’s regional coordinator for Kajiado County, Swaleh Kadara, handed Tobiko a win after repeat nomination when he announced the MP had led all the other candidates in the race.

The repeat nomination took place on May 19 and Seneta conceded defeat only to turn against the results the following day.

Seneta claimed she had learnt later that Tobiko allegedly rigged the nomination through assistance of a party official from JP headquarters.

Until Wednesday, Tobiko had not been issued with the nomination certificate despite a mounting pressure from the electorate in the constituency.

Tobiko said she will not rest until she is issued with the certificate as demanded by law governing elections in the country.

She said her support for the party is unquestionable and whoever is giving her “unnecessary blood-pressure” at the party headquarters is deliberately aiming to scuttle her effort in building the party.

Several people who spoke in Kitengela including a former councillor, Jeremiah Parkinyaru, youth leader Enkini Nadupa and Philip Teyiaa.

They warned JP against discrimination and not accepting the decision of the electorate.

Parkinyaru, a respected elder in Kajiado East politics warned that any move to deny Tobiko the ticket she deserves will for the people in the region to make a declaration that will not be favourable to Uhuru/Ruto comeback bid in the impending elections.







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