New Generation of Tamper-proof Land Documents to Be Launched in Kajiado

New Generation of Tamper-proof Land Documents to Be Launched in Kajiado
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Kajiado County Government is set to launch its first new generation tamper-proof letters of allocation on Wednesday.

The launch will take place at KCB grounds in Kajiado town and will be presided over by governor David Nkedianye.

The new letters will automatically render null and void all the old ones issued by subsequent county administrations since independence.

A senior county land registry official, Philip Murkuku, explained on Tuesday the new documents, with water mark, will counter production of fake land titles and double allocation of land property in the county.

Kajiado County is ranked third in the republic with recorded cases of land fraud after Lamu and Kiambu.

Hundreds of unsuspecting property owners, many with forged title deeds, have unresolved cases in the courts of justice.

 Murkuku said the problem is traced back to the era of county councils where civic leaders had the power to subdivide and issue allotment letters to their electorate.

“The matter was so grave when we came in as county government to find that many people shared same property with different letters of allotment or title deeds,” said Murkuku.

 He accused the ministry of land officials in the county along with land brokers of messing up the registry to allow them steal from unsuspecting members of the public.

 Sometimes last year, Nkedianye ordered his county land office to embark on a major validation of land property and their owners across the county.

 All the people whose land/plots were validated were issued with proper documents to qualify their ownership.

 The county land registry has since undergone changes after the launch of a tamper-proof digital land registry where all the data on property ownership was computerized.

 The digital land system kept land brokers at bay as they could not access private files for purposes of producing fake titles.

 Several district land registrars from the national government in the county have been arraigned in courts of law in connection to land fraud.

 A  county taskforce report, that was made public in 2015 says the shocking level of land-related fraud in Kajiado is a wake-up call for the Government, as it is likely to have been replicated in other parts of the country.

Meanwhile, land owners in Kajiado County with allotment letters will now be issued with leasehold title deeds by the County government.

The Deputy County Governor for Kajiado County Paul Ntiati said on Tuesday that the County assembly members have passed a bill to allow those in possession of allotment letters to be given title deeds.

He said the land title deeds will be leasehold based to enable the owners to carry out development projects which are permanent in the land.

”Many people in possession of allotment letters have not done any development in the land assigned many years ago because of fear,” he said.

Ntiati made the remark in Ongata Rongai of while officiating the launch of Muungano Sacco.

He urged self help groups that were given allotment letters to seek approval in order to get their land title deeds processed.

The Deputy Governor cleared the air for Kajiado land owners by stating it clear that the leasehold will only apply to those with allotment letters and not those with land title deed.

He noted that many land owners in Kajiado had gotten the concepts of the land bill wrongly.


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