Tobiko Wins Kajiado East Parliamentary Race Nomination Against Rival Seneta

Tobiko Wins Kajiado East Parliamentary Race Nomination Against Rival Seneta
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

After days of naggings, confrontations and alleged manipulation between two Kajiado East political opponents, Peris Tobiko was on Monday handed Jubilee nomination certificate.

Her opponent, Mary Seneta’s appeal case against her nomination that she had filed with the party’s disputes’ tribunal was thrown out after it was found to be allegedly ‘irregular’.

Seneta had sought the intervention of the party’s complaints and tribunal against Tobiko soon the latter was announced winner in the recently concluded party nominations.


She had claimed that Tobiko manipulated her win against her but the tribunal sitting in Nairobi overturned her case and finally declared Tobiko a winner in the hotly contested Jubilee nominations.

After Tobiko was declared winner and her votes confirmed, she told a charged crowd of her supporters that her resolve to continue serving them as their MP is unstoppable.

Social media was awash with her compliments with most of her supporters referring to her as their ‘iron lady’.

Her funs told her to keep the fire burning as she now sets to meet her competitor from the Orange Democratic Movement, Kakuta Maimai, who also challenged her in the 2013 general election and lost.

Maimai, who has all along insisted his win was ‘stolen’ by Tobiko, now says he is more prepared than before after learning the ‘ropes ’and understanding that no political journey is ever ‘smooth’.

1. Politician Kakuta Maimai speaking to his electorates in Empatipat, Korrompoi area recently.
1. Politician Kakuta Maimai speaking to his electorates in Empatipat, Korrompoi area recently.

In the absence of Seneta in the Kajiado East parliamentary race, the battle between Maimai and Tobiko will be the most interesting to watch in the entire county after the Kajiado West parliamentary race that will pit George Sunkuyia of Jubilee and Joseph Simel of ODM.

With a voting population of more than 70, 000 people, Tobiko and Kakuta are expected to display all manner of precision to win the support of the people, who mostly are supporters of the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Although a Jubilee candidate may have a head-start against any other, Maimai cannot be underrated in the August 8 general election owing to the fact that those who will vote for him are also inclined towards governor David Nkedianye’s re-election bid.

Seneta was being fronted by Jubilee aspirant Joseph ole Lenku and her supporters are most likely to going to vote for Maimai.

The political rivalry between Tobiko and Seneta is in public domain, and Seneta’s supporters are likely going out to ensure that Tobiko may not make it to parliament.

But on the other hand, supporters of Senator Peter Mositet and politician Tarayia ole Kores, who both were bundled out of JP nominations, will not let Lenku and his team win any seat with the ruling party.

Already, most supporters of Mositet and Kores are now in bed with Nkedianye and have resolved to take Lenku home and ensure that the incumbent governor’s five year term is extended.

Meanwhile, the Jubilee party’s complaints tribunal annulled the nomination of Moses Saoyo, who had won the Keek-Onyokie Ward primaries and awarded the slot to Amos Sholoi.

Sholoi had filed a case against Saoyo stating that the latter had not won fairly the Ward nominations.



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