Angry Electorate Kick Out ‘Incessant’ MCAs, Vow More to Go

Angry Electorate Kick Out ‘Incessant’ MCAs, Vow More to Go
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

A total of eight MCAs lost Jubilee party nominations recently, while six others either resigned or left to vie for higher positions.

Some 25 MCAs were elected in the last general elections from the various political parties that supported The National Alliance and the Orange Democratic Movement.

Justus Ngussur - Ewuaso-Kedong
Justus Ngussur – Ewuaso-Kedong

In fact, only two MCAs, the late Peter Kurrinyo (Mosiro) and Peter Pariken (Magadi) won on ODM ticket, while three won on United Republican Party of Deputy President, William Ruto and the remaining came from TNA.

Edgar Kikayaya - Kaputie North JP MCA aspirant.
Edgar Kikayaya – Kaputie North JP MCA aspirant.

If the outcome of the last JP nominations is anything to go by, it has now become clear that most of the sitting MPs are likely to face a hostile electorate in the August general elections.

Governor David Nkedianye recently while in Ongata Rongai told Jubilee on the face that he is more prepared than before to face the ruling party and ensure he bags between 12 and 15 seats for ODM.

John Loisa
John Loisa

“I want a team that will be loyal to the people of Kajiado and me alike. I need a strong team that will help the people of Kajiado realise development. After the 2013 general elections, I ended up with a team of hostile and illiterate MCAs. We are not going to that direction again,” said Nkedianye while addressing more than 300 teachers in Ongata Rongai.

Joseph Torris - Ewuaso-Kedong KANU candidate
Joseph Torris – Ewuaso-Kedong KANU candidate

Here below is a list of JP nominees that will face off with candidates from other opposition parties in August, this year.


  • Matapato North – Lesalaon ole Seki
  • Matapato South – Hosea Toshi
  • Purko – Samuel Kipaika
  • Ildamat  – Joseph Mutunkei
  • Dalalekutuk – James Ntaati
  • Keek-Onyokie – Moses Saoyo
  • Iloodokilani – Joseph Mpaada Vs MCA John Matinta ()
  • Ewuaso/Kedong – Justus Ngussor
  • Nkaimurunya – James Ndirangu
  • Oloolua – Martin Kimemia


  • Ngong – Robert Sungura


  • Ongata Rongai – Mwathi Pere
  • Olkeri – Moses Gitau
  • Eselenkei/Imbirrikani – Julius Moipai
  • Entonet/Lenkisim – Alais Kisota Vs  MCA Benjamin Kool (Narc Kenya)
  • Kitengela – Nixon Karaine
  • Kuku – Meshuda ole Keshoto
  • Kimana – Peter Parsen
  • Oloosirkon/Sholinke – Marrush Kisemei
  • Rombo Ward – Lengete ole Kamete
  • Imaroro – Timothy Sayiore
  • Magadi – Joseph Masiaya
  • Mosiro – Jonathan Koroine
  • Kenyewa/Poka – Godfrey Lemako Vs MCA Henry Kimiti (PNU)


Elected in 2013

Benjamin Kool Lemayian – Entonet/Lenkisim – Ran away to Narc Kenya
Daniel Kanchori – Oloosirkon/Sholinke – Kicked out
David Taiko Nkirrimpai – Kaputiei North – Kicked out
Martin Njogu Kimemia – Oloolua – In
George Risa Sunkuyia – Keekonyokie – Left to vie for MP seat and won

Lesalaon Seki - Matapato North
Lesalaon Seki – Matapato North

Henry Senteman Kimiti – Kenyewa-Poka – Ran away to PNU
Hosea Kasaine Toshi – Matapato South – In
James Kuya Nina – Kimana – Ran away to PNU
John Matinda – Iloodokolano – Ran away to another party
Hon. John Wanyoike Githinji – Nkaimurunya – Kicked out

Moses Leir of ODM
Moses Leir of ODM

Joseph Mutunkei – Ildamat – In
Justus Kiles Ngossor – Ewuaso Oonkidong’I – In
Lengete Ole Kamete – Rombo – In
Lesalaon Ole Seki – Matapato North – In
Mwathi Marimpet Pere – Ongata Rongai – In

Moses Saoyo - Keek-Konyokie Ward
Moses Saoyo – Keek-Konyokie Ward

Nathaniel KAsaro Sinkeet – Kitengela – Kicked out
Nkitinyo Ole Lesere – Dalalekutuk – In
Nteri Ole Merik-obo Kipaika – Purko – In

Nixon Karaine
Nixon Karaine

Onesmus Ngogoyo Nguro – Olkeri – Kicked out
Paul Supet Kanume – Ngong – Left to vie for MP seat and lost

Peter Nanga Pariken – Magadi – In
Sayianka Ole Kosei – Mbirikani/Eselenkei – Kicked out
Timothy Katoru Sayiore – Imaroro – In
Peter Tirishe – Mosiro – In
Solomon Konga Kutatoi – Kicked out

Peter Parsen
Peter Parsen


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