Kakuta Maimai Is the Odm’s Flag Bearer in the August 8, General Election Race for Kajiado East Mp Seat.

Kakuta Maimai Is the Odm’s Flag Bearer in the August 8, General Election Race for Kajiado East Mp Seat.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

The decision was resolved by the party’s elections board after several aspirants led by Bob Njagi appealed against alleged rigged nominations that were rocked by protests in Kitengela.

Maimai was awarded an interim clearance certificate from Orange House in Nairobi against protests from other aspirants.

The matter was taken to social media by Njagi and other aspirants vying for MCA seats in Kitengela and Oloosirkon/Sholinke wards.

Our efforts to reach out ODM election board chair, Judy Pareno and Maimai hit a hard rock when the two ignored our calls and messages.

We reminded Pareno severally that we wanted her comment but she ignored them.

Certificate issued to Kakuta Maimai by ODM
Certificate issued to Kakuta Maimai by ODM

We now bring you the big debate that trended in the social circles for several days.

Bob Njagi: -The political parties’ dispute tribunal PPDT on April 29 upheld the ruling of the ODM National Tribunal that called for a repeat exercise in four polling stations in Kajiado East.

Following consultations with other stakeholders, we have agreed to move to the high court to seek justice for the people of Kajiado East, who did not get an opportunity to exercise their democratic right to choose their leaders in a free and fair exercise.
We thereby obtained orders to prevent any declaration of results and staying the repeat exercise until the matter is heard before the

Kurgat Marindany:- I am told Kakuta Ole Maimai went with the ticket long time ago. Ama vipi?

Thomas Harisson Wuala:- Kitambo sana, Kurgat Marindany, this one Bob can try next time.

Bob Njagi:- Kurgat Marindany, That isn’t correct. ODM is yet to announce any results from Kajiado East.

My competitor is doing rounds claiming he has a ticket.

Kindly ask him to take a photocopy and post it here for the benefit of the public. Probably, he could be talking of tickets to a movie or football game.

Saruni Nais Njagi… For your Information, Kakuta is not your competitor. He’s the incoming Kajiado East MP.  Maasai can’t choose you over their own… #just being honest.

Josh Ramaita:- Tell him, maybe he just doesn’t grasp this fact.

Joseph Saningo:- We rather stay without ODM candidate… What we witnessed in their party nomination is just a mockery

Seneta Ole Suyianka:- Joseph Saningo – Yours is primitive thinking. You are idle, find something important to dothan picking your nose.

Joseph Saningo:- Hahaha! My friend ODM having Maimai as its candidate is equal to zero…I promise you… It’s walk over for us.

Bob Njag:- For the first time, I can confess that Jubilee has managed her party primaries much better than we ODM did here in Kajiado and across the country.

Thuo Kiiru Timothy:- Thank you but what matters is peace.

Ntaoti Otii:- Njagi Karibu Jubilee. It was all over, tembeleeni kotini zote. Naona mkishutuka. Vita ni iron lady vs Maimai again.

Josh Ramaita Tell them bro…Wakimaliza kuzurura watatulia.

Seneta Ole Suyianka:- Bob Njagi – WRONG. By the way in any chance, are you vying for the Kajiado East parliamentary “seat”?

I think I must have missed the memo. Kakuta Ole Maimai has the ticket already.

It’s Kakuta facing Peris Tobiko from JP.

Please learn to stop chasing phantoms. Intellectual crawling is needed before one learns how to run.

Josh Ramaita:- Well articulated.

Benard Muendo:- Kuongojea Peris kama muaniaji wa Jubilee nikama kungojea meli kwa uwanja wa ndege.

Windel Kesery:- Stop dreaming, Kakuta already has the ticket! Immigrants should wait for whoever wins!

Seneta Ole Suyianka:- Precisely!

Tim Kimiti:- Who are the immigrants? Amos Karaine, this is a very good exercise to keep you busy as Maimai keeps on preparing for 8/8/2017 elections in Nasa.

Ngotiek Nkele:- It’s true Kakuta Maimai went with the ticket, others are cheating themselves.

Ben Patiat:- Bob, ulinyoroshua hands down boss. Uongozi wa inchi ya wa Masaai ni yao tu na uwache kupoteza wakati.

Nchaparra Junior: I think Bob Njagi is Peris project.

Josh Ramaita:- Yes he could be.

Henry Karanja:- Bob, stop wasting your time that game is over now.

Metito Ole:- Hii ticket ilienda kitambo…


Kirisua Martine:- Sometimes some dreams are not valid. Honestly, Bob Njagi as our MP? Please give us a break!

Josh Ramaita:- Mheshimiwa, living in denial is the last thing you should do. Accept and move on. That shouldn’t spell the end of your ambitions; you can as well exercise your democratic right and run as an independent candidate.

And by the way, did you even get any vote/s in the primaries you claim they were unfair?

Tim Kimiti:- In any case Peris will win so hamia tu jubilee

Lawrence Nairi:- Even if elections were to be repeated 10 times Kimiti will never beat Maimai. This is a total waste of time……….

Aitaos Alfred:- For Bob Njagi, some investments are not worth trying. I think your last name betrays you in this contest

Benson Ntauti:- Who is Bob Njagi?

Philip Saoinah Isa:- Jaribu ya Imenti kaskazini, game ya Kajiado East uwezani nayo.

Olodo Ong’ota Loolmuserre:- Busy bodies…Try the Hague!

Philip Saoinah Isa:- Bob, by reading these comments, you should apologise for your statements.

Jackline Koin:- Following for my neighbourhood…..

Tony Ole Leliah:- Idlers in foreign county. Some times they lack basic ideas on what they think about other communities. Let me try to open meat butchery in Kiambu…

Stephen Nabela:- Bwana Njagi, hiyo kiti jaribu 2022 kwa sasa imepita ni Maimai vs Tobiko

Kunte Ukah:- Go independent ndio tuone support yako.

Samson Sikinan:- Unastahili kugongwa kwa sikio kama Mwaura ndio usikiange maneno.

Bob Njagi:- What is important is the agenda that I have for the great people of Kajiado East. Within 5 years we shall experience tremendous growth and transformation. Rapid transformation focused on provision of education infrastructure, water and sewerage.


Amos Karaine:- Bob Njagi, you only managed 6 votes. Calculate the probability of you getting the seat using 70,000 voters.

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