Ngong AP Officer Killed in Love Triangle Affair

An AP officer is alleged to have been shot dead on Friday night in Ngong after arguing over a woman in a pub.

The officer, according to eye witnesses, the AP officer is alleged to have been drinking at Dcruzz Pub with his assailant when a name of a woman, Carol, came into their debate.

Both men were claiming to be having relations with the woman and when the AP insisted he is the “legal owner”, the other person pull up a pistol pumped two bullets into the office’s chest, killing him on the spot.

Ngong OCPD George Seda confirmed the incident and said it happened at 1.40am, this morning.

Seda said the culprit is already behind bars as his officers have begun investigations into the bloody murder.

“As I talk to you now, the suspect who we believe is a proprietor of the pub is in our custody. We have moved the body of the slain officers to City mortuary to await postmortem,” said Seda.



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