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Nkedianye Ridicules Lenku, Insists He is Unfit to Be Governor

A section of teachers listen to David Nkedianye in Nkoroi today.
A section of teachers listen to David Nkedianye in Nkoroi today.

Governor David Nkedianye has welcomed Jubilee party nominee for governor race and told him to brace for a mother of all battles in August.

At the same time, Nkedianye who was addressing more than 300 teachers drawn from Kajiado West and North sub counties, ridiculed the nominee, Joseph Lenku, by claiming the votes he obtained during the party nominations held on Tuesday were “cooked” up.

“There is no way one can obtain 88, 000 votes in party nominations in Kajiado. What his opponent, Tarayia Kores, got (34, 000) reflects the true picture and not those given to Lenku,” claimed Nkedianye.

For the umpteenth time Nkedianye claimed Lenku is a “known national failure” and that the people of Kajiado should not make a terrible mistake of electing him.

“God forbid, this is one person if elected, he will bring down this county in many ways. It is my prayer that the people of Kajiado see the light by rejecting his bid in total. His running mate left school the other day. This is a failed team of masqueraders wanting to clinch power from backdoor,” claimed Nkedianye.

He said Lenku was sacked soon after he was appointed Minister for failing the government.

“If he failed to handle a single docket of interior security, how do you expect him to manage the entire county and its huge budget? He is just a joker,” Nkedianye further claimed amid cheering from the teachers.

Nkedianye said his government has rolled out many development projects across the county, and even in areas that did not sufficiently voted for him in 2013 general elections.

He said the size of Kajiado North Constituency is almost thrice the size of Ewuaso/Kedong ward and receives Sh200 million in ward development by Ewuaso/Kedong contents with only Sh40 million annually.

“I have not discriminated any area in the region and this is the reason why I walk tall when I come to Kajiado North. I have very many friends from the Kikuyu community who have pledged to support my re-election bid,” said Nkedianye.

The governor lamented that he ascended to power in 2013 with a group of illiterate MCAs, who served as councillors before.

“Their illiteracy pulled us back in terms of development and formulation of policies in the county assembly,” claimed Nkedianye.

This time around, he said, he is optimistic that NASA will bring on board between 12 and 15 MCAs, meaning the number will swell further when he is added four of five nominees.

“The National Alliance and URP had 23 MCAs, who had no idea what their work entailed at the assembly. This time round I believe the people of Kajiado will get me the right leaders,” observed Nkedianye.

He said the reason why America, as a nation, is ahead of others in the world is because the leaders there have embraced diversity of descents from other nations by giving them green cards.

In Kajiado, he said, he has also embraced such diversity by allowing all the tribes living in the county to participate in development.

Nkedianye said his government has employed staff from all the tribes living in Kajiado contrary to reports that certain people cannot get employment.

He said his government spends sh74 million annually in paying ECD teachers salary.

The county CEO said he will soon unveil his manifesto and reminded the people of Kajiado not to leave their leadership to fate but to take a bold step in taking part in general elections so as to weed out bad leaders.



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