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VIDEO: Kajiado Jubilee Politicians Issue Demands Ahead Of Fresh Party Fominations

Kajiado Jubilee Politicians Issue Demands Ahead Of Fresh Party Fominations
Kajiado Jubilee Politicians Issue Demands Ahead Of Fresh Party Fominations

A section of Kajiado Jubilee aspirants today demanded fresh ballot papers to be used in the impending party nominations.

In a letter they addressed to JP secretary general, Raphael Tuju, the leaders threatened to boycott the nomination if the same ballot papers that had been designated to be used in the failed April 21 exercise.

The leaders led by Tarayia ole Kores, Senator Peter Mositet, Moses Parantai, Parsimei Gitau, Eve Merin, Leah Monirei, George Sunkuyia and John Matinta, among others, met at Bali’s Resort in Ongata Rongai before reading Tuju’s letter.

Kores, who read the protest letter, claimed his team, notes with displeasure the anomalies that occurred during the Friday nomination process in the county.

“As a result, we would wish to state that we appreciate the apologies from the party leadership at the national level. However we wish to state that we have noted with concern a plot by a clique of Jubilee aspirants in the county to rig the nomination election, “said Kores.

He said his team has established, beyond reasonable doubt, that there was a plot by some top officials from Jubilee party headquarters and other cohorts outside to divert ballot papers meant for nomination and thus interfering with the fair and transparent process.

“The lorry ferrying the ballot papers, registration number KBK 518J was escorted by plain clothes police officers in a Toyota Prado car registration number KCE 577F to Oloolaiser High School in Ngong. The lorry was spotted by locals who alerted some of the local aspirants,” claimed Kores.

Speaking during the same press conference, Mositet claimed that after the lorry was spotted by civilians and the message relayed to party aspirants, the people who first arrived at the scene saw two sitting MPs and a governor aspirant exiting the school in their vehicles.

Mositet claimed eye witnesses explicitly saw the parking ballot papers into their cars.

“On seeing their opponents, the vehicles took off at a very high speed and they were only seen the next day giving a press conference at Jubilee party headquarters,” explained Mositet.

The leaders demanded that a governor aspirant allied to Kajiado North MP, Joseph Manje and Kajiado West MP, Moses Sakuda, be reprimanded for allegedly planning to rig an election and defaming the party’s name.

“We also demand that all the returning officers, presiding officers and clerks that have been recruited to be part of the nomination process in Kajiado be replaced as a huge percentage have been bought by the suspects,” claimed Mositet.

Parantai, who is also a governor aspirant said fresh ballot papers for all the candidates in Kajiado county be printed adding that they should have a different color and design from the previous ones that had been tampered with.

He demanded that the National Elections Board officials be hands on in Kajiado County to avoid further tampering by local elections officials.

Sunkuyia said a well managed election must be conducted and fair play ground enhanced so as to build the party’s strength in the county.

Kajiado East MP, Peris Tobiko, sent her apologies through Kores for failing to attend the press conference in Kajiado North.

While Kores was having their press conference in Ongata Rongai, Lenku was leading his in Ngong town, where he claimed those on the opposing side within the party were scared of him.

Lenku claimed those on the other side were scared and therefore played party in “disorganizing” the planned Friday nomination.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday apologised to party supporter for the mess that cropped up on the first day of the nation primaries on Friday.



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