Jubilee Party Aspirants Detain ‘suspicious’ Truck Ferrying Nomination Documents

Ngong police guard the ill-fated truck apprehended in Ngong with election materials for JP nomination excercise.
Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

A truck ferrying strategic voting materials for Jubilee Party nominations was confronted and detained by suspicious aspirants in Ngong on Thursday night.

Election clerks from Kajiado North constituency aligned to governor aspirant, Tarayia ole Kores, alerted him that a lorry ferrying election materials had docked at Oloolaiser Secondary School in Ngong.

Immediately after receiving the information, Kores drove to the school and allegedly found Kajiado East MP, Moses Sakuda, inspecting the truck along with some election clerks.

Kores called Kajiado Senator, Peter Mositet and county assembly deputy speaker, George Sunkuyia to the scene. The two arrived at the school immediately along with their supporters, who allegedly attempted to beat up Sakuda.

Immediately chaos erupted at the school, Sakuda is alleged to have escaped on foot into the dark for fear of being beaten up by angry voters.

When we called Sakuda to comment on the matter, he denied having gone to anywhere near the school.

“I spent the whole Thursday night with pastors from Kajiado West at my home in Kimuka and I have just woken up by people asking why polling stations have not been opened,” claimed Sakuda.

However, many eye witnesses claimed they spotted Sakuda at Oloolaiser Secondary School at 10pm on Thursday night with others claiming that he jumped on to a standby boda boda and directed to be taken away.

While Kores and Mositet were pointing accusing fingers at Sakuda, governor aspirant Joseph ole Lenku and Kajiado Woman MP aspirant, Mary Seneta for “hijacking” the truck ferrying polling materials, party secretary general Raphael Tuju denied the claims and made his clarification.

Jubilee governor aspirant, Tarayia ole Kores, in front of a truck that was allegedly commandeered to Oloolaiser secondary school in Kajiado North constituency.
Jubilee governor aspirant, Tarayia ole Kores, in front of a truck that was allegedly commandeered to Oloolaiser secondary school in Kajiado North constituency.

Tuju claimed that owing to the “little” time left before the nomination exercise started, he had instructed the truck to start distribution of the materials in Kajiado North before moving to other constituencies instead of taking them to county headquarters in Kajiado.

“There was no time left and we made the decision in the last minute. But when the truck arrived at Oloolaiser, some aspirants and their supporters decided to detain it. Nomination has not started anywhere in the county because those strategic materials are stuck there,” Tuju explained.

He urged those aspirants detaining the truck to release it to move to other constituencies.

As Tuju explained, Mositet was still asking questions as to how and why the truck arrived at Oloolaiser at 10pm after leaving Jubilee Party warehouse by 5pm on Thursday.

“They better tell us where that truck had gone before landing in Ngong at that time because the longest time a vehicle can take from Nairobi to Ngong is one hour,” argued Mositet.

Lenku, Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje and other politicians allied to their team addressed the voters at Oloolaiser in the morning but were booed by voters, who appeared to have concluded the leaders were part of the scheme to “steal” the votes.

We established that when the polling materials were dispatched from party warehouse in Nairobi, there were two trucks that had been set aside for the duty.

Two trucks, inside sources from Jubilee Party headquarters claimed, left Nairobi.

“One of them was carrying empty ballot boxes and the other one had ballot papers, pens, declaration forms, ink and other strategic materials,” claimed our source.

It was also established that the truck that was carrying ballot boxes went direct to Kajiado County headquarters.

It was not clear how and why the two trucks were directed to go different directions.

Ngong OCPD, George Seda, said 22 people who were detained after they were found downloading ballot papers at Oloolaiser Secondary School were still detained at the institution to await JP officials to go and resolve the matter.

“All the ballot papers are intact and have not been interfered with. JP headquarters should just resolve the matter because this is a party issue and ours is to maintain peace,” said Seda.

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