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Lenku – I Gave Tobiko My Piece of Mind Over Her “incessant Abuses”

Lenku - I Gave Tobiko My Piece of Mind Over Her “incessant Abuses”
Lenku - I Gave Tobiko My Piece of Mind Over Her “incessant Abuses”

Two Kajiado politicians on Tuesday evening engaged in use of vulgar language at each other in full view of patrons in a city hotel.

Governor aspirant, Joseph ole Lenku, and Kajiado East MP, Peris Tobiko engaged each other in altercations that were dotted with innuendos laced with vulgar language.

The two met in company of Kajiado West MP, Moses Sakuda, Kajiado Woman MP, Mary Seneta, governor aspirant Tarayia ole Kores and Senator Peter Mositet.

They had all been summoned by Jubilee Party top officials to meet at Ole Sereni Hotel on Mombasa Road to “iron out some pressing issues” about Friday’s nominations in the county.

Those who witnessed and heard the two exchanging abuses claimed Lenku, without any provocation, allegedly called Tobiko a prostitute.

One of the many people we talked to from the hotel claimed Lenku had just completed shaking hands with other leaders on arrival and Tobiko was about to extend her greeting hand to the governor aspirant, when he publically shouted at her and calling her names.

At some point, according to witnesses, Tobiko also hit back and allegedly told her tormentor that he was equally a “prostitute”.

Witnesses claimed Lenku, at that point in time, picked an empty glass and attempted to hit Tobiko on the face with it.

They claimed that Mositet, who was standing on her side, jumped and stood between the two and prevented the governor aspirant from taking any action.

Although it is a taboo for a Maasai woman to reply to an “angry” man by using unprintable language, Tobiko said she had been “pushed to the wall” by Lenku.

She later sent a text message to KNU complaining that she had been “attacked” by Lenku without any provocation.

“Lenku abused me by using unprintable vulgar language. The fellow is primitive, uncultured and delinquent. He is simply sick and not fit for any leadership position,” said Tobiko in her text message.

She claimed that she had never engaged the politician before and it was her first meeting with him.

When we conducted Lenku for comment on the phone, he confirmed to have had “some friction” with Tobiko.

“It is true I had a contact with her at Ole Sereni Hotel and I had to hit her back. It was my payback time and it gave me an opportunity to reply to her abuses that she has been directing to me in social media pages,” said Lenku.

Lenku went on; “She has been calling me a national failure on her facebook page and I have never had an opportunity to respond to her malicious attacks on my person.”

“I know you will exaggerate this story but just say that Tobiko made allegations against me. Say I allegedly insulted her and my respond is what I have told you,” concluded Lenku on the phone.

He said in spite of some people allegedly trying to call him a failure, he has gained some ground in his campaigns.

The governor aspirant claimed he is optimistic he will emerge a winner in tomorrow’s nominations.



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