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Seven People Injured in Jp Rally in Namanga Town

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Gunfire ruled the air in Namanga border town on Monday evening when rivals allied to two Kajiado governor aspirants locked horns in supremacy war.

Seven people suffered external facial injuries when supporters of Joseph Ole Lenku and Tarayia Ole Kores exchanged blows, while others used sticks to hummer each other.

Kajiado OCPD, Eric Nteere, confirmed the injuries and said three bullets were fired in the air by supporters of Matapato South MCA aspirant, Simon Ntasikoi after they were allegedly confronted by those supporting the sitting MCA, Hosea Toshi.

Nteere said the police have launched investigations into the incident adding that anyone found to have violated the law will be dealt with without fear or favour.

Ntasikoi is in Kores’ side while Toshi is associated with Lenku, who was having a political rally in Namanga town when the incident occurred.

Toshi claimed he had planned a joint political rally with Lenku, and who had been accompanied by “many” Jubilee Party aspirants.

He claimed that while the meeting was in progress, Ntasikoi and his supporters stormed the meeting and beat up his supporters without any provocation.

“What happened is that, we started our road show from Maili Tisa, where we had left Ntasikoi in a political rally. We drove to Namanga with Lenku in a big convoy and while we were all seated, Ntasikoi came in with his gangsters,” claimed Toshi.

A supporter of Ntasikoi, Nelson Parakuo, claimed they were attacked as they drove along Namanga highway on a road show.

“They attacked us without any provocation and injured three of our supporters including one motorbike,” claimed Parakuo.

Ntasikoi admitted he fired in the air twice, while his bodyguard shot once. He said he reported the attack on his supporters to Namanga Police Station.

“We shot in the air to scare off a crowd of people who were attacking us. I hope the police will investigate this matter fully,” said Ntasikoi.

Reacting to what transpired in Namanga, Kores claimed it is not the first time Lenku was using “thugs” to frustrate his meetings and those of the MCA aspirants he is supporting.

Both Kores and Lenku belong to JP.

“A group aligned to Lenku attempted to block my entourage in Ongata Rongai on Monday but my people managed to repulse them,” claimed Kores.

Lenku did not issue any briefing after the attack in Namanga but left the town quietly at night of Monday.



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