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Police Gun Down ‘Savage’ Bissil Man in Kajiado

Police Gun Down ‘Savage’ Bissil Man in Kajiado
Police Gun Down ‘Savage’ Bissil Man in Kajiado

Armed police officers shot and killed a man who had murdered another in Bissil town, Kajiado County, on Sunday.

The man, aged 27, had earlier at around 6pm killed another man using a machete and attempted to eat his victim’s brains before the police were alerted by public.

Kajiado Central OCP, Eric Nteere, said his officers swung into action by attempting to disarm the killer but the man became violent and attempted to attack an officer.

“My officers at the scene tried all what they could do to disable the man but one of the officers attempted to maim him but the bullet caused his life,” said Nteere.

Nteere regretted that the attacker died after he established that the attacker had a mental case and had been to Mathare Hospital, Nairobi, three times.

He said the bodies of the two people were moved to Kajiado County referral hospital mortuary for postmortem purposes.



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